3 Most Common Influencer Mistakes, and How to Fix Them!

When it comes to blogging, I have made my fair share of mistakes. 

Navigating the world of blogging, branding and influencer marketing can be quite the crazy ride at times. Some of my blogger friends and I like to call the world of blogging, "The Wild West".

There are no rules, no playbook, no black and white, no union to protect us, no one size fits all.

It's a permeable space that is ever changing, ever growing, and ever confusing its most valued participants (YOU!). Some of the "biggest" and most engaged bloggers I know are literally stumped on a daily basis when it comes to engagement (why did "this" photo do better than "that" photo), platforms (well if I post X on Facebook will that translate as well as if I posted X on Instagram?), and overall awareness of how and when to best influence their loyal following. 

And they are not alone - I feel this way, and I have a feeling you may too! 

We spend so much time trying to impact and affect the social media world around us that we sometimes find ourselves in a constant state of information scarcity that never ends.

Influence literally means to "inflow" -- but how can we consistently inflow when the very platforms we use are constantly changing? 

This made me start thinking long and hard about the mistakes that bloggers like myself are so quick to make. I believe there are some "mistakes" that are here today, but gone tomorrow - meaning, they tend to change along with the platforms and quickly become obsolete (ex: Two years ago people would always stress about which photos filter was the best on Instagram. Nowadays, there are fantastic apps that solve all of our photo editing needs for us. The mistake organically and technologically resolved itself).  

However, there are some mistakes that don't fix themselves so easily. They are constant, common, and as important as the daily influence we attempt to create as bloggers.  In order to inflow, we have to be able to identify these mistakes clearly so we can take action to resolve.

If you want to see the five most common blogger mistakes, and how to fix them- click below!  

3 Common mistakes bloggers make and how to fix them. Julie Solomon, publicist. #Blogging #bloggers #writing #blogpost #marketing

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3 Common Mistakes Bloggers Make and How To Fix Them