Baby Proofing Tips

Baby proofing our home - I've been procrastinating on this for a while now. Which I know, that sounds horrible! But, in all honesty, we haven't been home for the majority of the summer and we are selling our house (so trying to keep it as gadget free as possible!) But I now have no more excuses, I have a full blown 10 month old all over the place and it is high time we get this place proofed. Every house (and child) are different, which means each baby proofing need is different. After assessing our needs I came to these conclusions:

Cabinets. He's found the cabinets! Time to purchase childproof safety latches for all the cabinets.

Cribs. The second he started trying to pull himself up, we moved the crib mattress to its lowest position so he couldn't climb out.

Drapery and blind cords. These pose a strangulation hazard, since babies can become entangled in them, I tied them up and out of Camden's reach.

Electrical outlets. Since Camden is crawling a mile a minute and getting interested in the outlets, I needed to close outlets off with safety plugs.

Below are the baby proofing items I purchased last week. Easy to install/use and I already feel better about Camden romping around the house.

Foam Corner Protector: Definitely needed this as much as Camden loves to pull up on the coffee table (which "they" say is the most dangerous piece of furniture for babies).

Toilet Lid Lok: I once heard a very heartbreaking story about an infant finding his way to the toilet, the lid was up and he fell in. Ever since then I have been very cautious of watching Camden when he is anywhere close to the bathroom and wanted to get these as an extra precaution.

Power Strip Safety Cover: Keeps babies mouths and hands away from shocking hazards.

Safety 1st Ultra Clear Outlet Plugs: Comes in a pack of 12 and are clear, which I like as it doesn't draw the babies attentions.

Any proofing tips or items you can share? Would love to hear what other moms are doing to keep their house proofed safe.