Back in the Groove + The Giving Keys

I just spent the better part of last month back in my hometown of Nashville. My husband was filming there (an opportunity to film back home basically never happens so I was pumped) and it was so nice to catch up with family, friends and get some good lake time in!

But, getting back into groove of work and structure has been a bit of a challenge, but it also feels good. I really love what I get to do through my publicity work (I have the best business partner) and what I get to share with my community on this blog. As much as I love to go home, I do love getting back to my adopted home of LA. I truly fall in love with it more and more as the months and years roll by. There’s a lot of charm to this city  we’re lucky enough to call home.

Before I left for Nashville, my sister Lara Lillian and I had the pleasure of visiting my sweet friend Caitlin Crosby's Giving Keys office in the cool arts district of DTLA. Caitlin is the founder of The Giving Keys and an all around amazing human being (even Steve Harvey agrees)! Not only was the day fun, but we left feeling grateful and inspired.  

The Super Awesomely Beautiful Caitlin Crosby! 

The Giving Keys is a company that employs those transitioning out of homelessness in the LA area. The create jobs for employees that consist of making key necklaces and other jewelry out of repurposed keys. Now if that wasn't cool enough, the keys have a deeper meaning.

Each key represents an inspirational word, such as Faith, Dream, Create, and Believe. You purchase and wear a key, and when you find someone whom needs that word more than you, you give it to them, in hopes they will do the same for someone when the time comes. It is all about paying it forward, and has become quite the movement! Not only are the keys super cool to wear (you can find them HERE and HERE) but they also make the world a better place! 

Our day visiting The Giving Keys was awesome. We picked up some keys to wear and share, and even had two personally made. The uber talented key maker Darnell chatted with me and Lara Lillian briefly, then disappeared to make us keys with words that he felt represented who we are. He came back with "blossom" for Lara Lillian and "self-reliant" for me. :)

If you haven't worn or given a Giving Key yet, I would encourage you to do so! Caitlin is also a super talented singer songwriter, and is working on a new album that will give back to The Giving Keys! 

See below for some fun pictures of our day!