Featured: Podcast Interview with The Laptop Lifestyle

As an entrepreneur, there are few things worse than letting fear keep us from succeeding. Fear and failure have always been a choice that, in the past, has kept me "thinking small" when I should have taken action. It kept me rejecting opportunities for growth when I should have embraced them with eagerness and gratitude. It kept me in a state of comparison instead of a thriving place of creative individuality. There are still days that I even fear success, as strange as that sounds, and have to be extremely mindful to not become self sabotaging of my own brilliance. Fear stems from our pain of not feeling enough, understood, heard, or accepted.


But the WORST thing we can do as creatives, influencers and entrepreneurs is to believe what we make up in our heads and tell ourselves. Instead, I believe in letting fear be the compass on where should be going and who we should be serving --- and my business is the driving force. 

Today I’m honored to talk openly about the lessons I learned about following your fear and how to pursue your passion with confidence and clarity on The Laptop Lifestyle podcast.  Let’s have a chat –> BELOW! 


Following Your Fears by Julie Solomon