February Skin Care Love

Many of you that read my blog know that skin care is a big passion of mine. I always value learning about skin care from friends/relatives of mine and think it is always important to share with readers on what I find that does and doesn't work.  I try to test as many products on the market that I can without breaking the bank. For the past 2 months I’ve been using Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare products sold by Nordstrom. I always heard amazing stories about these products but it was my own girlfriends that convinced me to give them a try. My skin literally drinks up his products, especially during winter season! Check out my latest skin care routine below. I have the steps listed below. 

| Dr. Gross Cleanser | Mustela Cleansing Wipes | Dr. Gross Serum | Radiance Primer | La Mer Creme | Bobbi Brown Eye Cream | Dr. Gross Pads | Jo Malone Fragrance

1. I use this all-in-one cleansing foam morning and night. The foam consistency will make your skin feel really clean and fresh. It also removes eye make-up. The rule I always go by for my skin is to cleanse your face twice. The first time removes dirt, make-up and oils. The second cleanse actually cleans the skin and pores. I never did this until recently and I've really noticed a difference.

2. After I cleanse I apply these toning pads. Then I add a dime size amount of brightening solution. It keeps the redness in my skin at bay and keeps my skin brighter than it ever has been! Plus the solution contains a retinol that helps cell turnover, gets rid of dead skin and rejuvenates the the complexion. Seriously, the combo is a game changer and I love it.

3. I’ve been using La Mer Creme‘ for over a month now. It will change your skin!  It contains a miracle mixture that is found in all the La Mer products. It really is a MIRACLE!! I found out about La Mer products years ago but recently learned of all their benefits through my mom (who has amazing skin) and another friend of mine (who has the skin of a toddler even in her 30s). I’m such a product junkie and it’s in my blood to want to experiment and try everything. I’m so glad I tried La Mer. It’s pricey, yes, but it lasts a long time and is worth every penny you save for it. Apply this moisturizer cream at the end of your skincare routine The creme leaves the skin dewy, hydrated and works all day/night to keep your skin young looking.

4. I’m a huge fan of the Bobbi Brown Eye Cream. It’s known to take away puffiness and I find it to plump a little. It absorbs fast and keeps my eyes looking hydrated.

5. Morning Routine– After my skin is  prepped & hydrated (with the above steps) I apply this Laura Mercier radiance primer before I put any other make-up on. It will camouflage blemishes/imperfections. Your skin will look smooth and glowing. Some days I only wear this primer and lip gloss during the day as its easy and quick.

6. These cleansing wipes are ultra soft and swipe away make-up in seconds. You will be surprised how often you’ll reach for these. Another perk, they work on your kiddies too! I throw these in my bag and keep them next to my bed.

7. Before I run out the door in the morning I apply my favorite fragrance by Jo Malone. It’s fresh and it will just make you feel good. Plus, my husband says it's his favorite smell in the world (even if that was a lie it kept me wearing it, ha!) I have people ask about it all the time. It’s such a good one. Larger size here  & lotion. My absolute favorite after a shower/bath is the body cream!

Would love to know what your favorite products/routines for the harsh winter season are! Please leave a comment below of good tips!

xo- Julie