Feel Beautiful After Baby : My 10 Go-To Tips

With Mother's Day this weekend, I am been reflecting a lot on the past 20 months of my motherhood. Becoming a mother is perhaps indescribable. Some moms speak of overwhelming joy, some of utter exhaustion—and understandably so, since we’re giving all we have to give, especially in those first few months. And although we relish this beautiful, all-consuming journey into motherhood, it’s important to not lose track of ourselves; which always seems the first thing to slip our mind. We all know how easy that can be! We smell like spit-up, barely have time to shower—and let’s not forget all those lovely changes to our bodies—it’s no wonder so many of us feel overwhelmed by the idea of beauty! This is why I wanted to share some of the beauty tips that I've found to be very helpful since my journey into motherhood began. I’ve outlined 10 ways to help make you (or another new mom in your life) feel like yourself again.

Me 7 days post delivery. Try my best to look rested lol

Me 7 days post delivery. Try my best to look rested lol

1. Invest in a stylish maternity bra. Trust me, it’s worth forking up the dough. You will practically live in these things if you are breastfeeding and you need something that’s not only well made and comfortable, but something you feel good in. Gone are the days of the maternity granny bra!  When I was breastfeeding I preferred the Cosabella soft-cup Mommie bra for smaller busts, and the Cake Flex-Wire Nursing Bra for larger busts.

2. Embrace dry shampoo. Okay, it may sound a little weird, but it’s actually the greatest thing ever ivented in the world of beauty (in my opinion anyway). We all know how easy it is to skip a shower (or two, okay…three!) when your sweet little rascal finally goes down for a nap and you’re going on no sleep. Any sane person would forgo personal hygiene in favor of a few precious moments of time to yourself (umm, right?). Well, that’s where dry shampoo comes in! One quickie application and voilà! You feel presentable again. There are so many brands and expensive ones out there, but honestly, I've tried them all and my favorite is the good ole' $5.99 PSSSSST

3. Get your walk on. While every woman’s postpartum recovery is different, walking is typically the first form of exercise recommended by doctors. Not only will it ease your body back into physical fitness, it will give you some much-needed fresh air—both of which are emotionally fortifying, necessary steps toward feeling like your self again. If you don’t have an extra pair of hands to tend your little one for a bit, don’t worry! Long walks can also be an incredible time to bond with baby. Try carrying your baby in a wrap or carrier for extra snuggle time.

4. Give your legs a bear hug. We all know how loosey goosey everything can feel after giving birth. We can finally see our thighs again (for the most part, anyway!) and maybe they aren’t exactly what we remember… Not to worry! That’s why slimming leggings were invented. I love Zella live in leggings. 

5. Make your home a sanctuary. It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s important to create a space you feel good in. Visitors never want to come empty handed, so instead of takeout (or another casserole!), suggest they bring fresh flowers. Another great way to create a serene environment is to invest in a few amazing candles. I love Voluspa and Diptyque.  

6. Buy some new undies. Ah, the post-baby belly. We all know (too well) what pregnancy does to our stomachs—and keeping all those wobbly bits in place is crucial. It’s time to ditch the loose-waisted maternity undies in favor of some real tummy-hugging skivvies! I was fond of TC’s Shaping Briefs after my pregnancy. 

7. Get some new makeup. The post-baby body can be emotionally challenging. We don’t quite fit into our pre-preggo clothes—and forget about wearing the maternity garb. It can feel a little overwhelming to buy yet another size of wardrobe. One way to vamp your look up, without breaking the bank on more clothes, is a few new pieces of makeup. A bold new lip, for example, will freshen up your look. Lipstick or tint can wear beautifully on any size, after all!

8. Eat healthy. Not simply to lose weight, but to feel good about what you’re putting into your body. Eating well has a way of making you feel your best. The extra pounds you may lose in the process are just a bonus! Not to mention the clearer skin and more luminous hair that will likely follow. Unsure where to start? Try incorporating fresh juices into your diet to kick-start that nutrient intake. One of my favorites is Pressed Juicery. It’s organic, non-GMO, and cold-pressured 

9. Stock up on at-home spa treatments. We all know running out to the spa for a quick facial just isn’t in the cards post delivery. But that doesn’t mean we have to completely forgo good skincare. Try doing masks and peels around the house to keep those pores looking fresh! My favorite at home mask is Glamglow. 

10. Buy yourself a (skater) dress. Sure, there’s no need to buy lots of new clothing while you’re in the process of getting back (or closer) to your pre-baby shape. But sometimes it feels good to have one new piece in the mix, especially if you have a dressy event on the horizon. I highly suggest looking into a frock with a “skater” silhouette, which means it kicks out a little bit below the bust line, camouflaging some of the inevitable post-baby bulge. Bonus points if it’s in a dark color, has sleeves, and a modest hemline. I love this one and this one for summer.


In my FAVORITE skater dress of all time :)

In my FAVORITE skater dress of all time :)