How To: All Natural Ring Cleaner

Growing up, I always bought those 25 cent rings out of the machines you found walking into the grocery store. I wore them immediately, then after days of wear would take them off only to find what looked like bruises around my fingers. Time and time again these rings would leave their blue/green mark, and would keep their place on my skin for days. I chalked it up to the fact the ring was cheaper than dirt, and as I grew older, invested in finer pieces.

Fast forward to my 20s, when the majority of my favorite rings that cost far more than 25 cents were still leaving my fingers blue! I quickly learned these rings were not turning my skin blue due to cheapness, but due to the fact they were made from metal that oxidizes with your skin. Example: Copper (which many of my favorite rings are made from) oxidizes when it hits chemicals in the air (hence the blue patina on the top of most NYC skylines) as well as your skin. Same goes for silver.

I knew there needed to be a way to clean the rings while lessening the blue mess on my skin. Given that copper and silver are one of the oldest metals to exist on earth, I should have known that something as simple as a lemon would do the trick. Here is my step-by-step guide to keeping your rings (and skin) clean, shiny and free of the muddy blues. My favorite rings of all time are by an incredible designer named Pitango. I own quite a bunch of his pieces, and like to keep them as clean as possible.


Step 1:Lay out rings, set aside. Squeeze a whole lemon into a cup.

Step 2: Soak each ring in the lemon, let each ring sit for 15-30 mns.


Step 3: Squeeze another whole lemon into a separate cup and grab a cotton ball and QTip.

Step 4: Take ring out, one at a time, and wipe down with warm water and a clean cloth.


Step 5: Then take ring, unused lemon juice, and the cotton balls /QTips and go over any edges or ridges. Repeat with other rings


Step 6: Wash each ring with warm water and wipe dry.

Now you are left with rings that are dull free and leave your fingers residue free!