How to Define Your (TRUE) Brand Sweet Spot in 15 Minutes

Hey Branding Babes, this one is just for you!


As entrepreneurs striving to connect and grow on social media, so many of us (myself included!) get lost in the rat race of posting what we think will grow out brand and inspire our readers- affiliate links, #ootd after #ootd, checking in to all the “picture worthy” locations, and tagging every brand known to man – in hopes that someone or something will define our brand.

Ladies –it’s time we take back what is rightfully ours.

It’s time we find our unique sweet spot in order to truly create our unique brand.

Do you ever find yourself confused as to what exactly your brand is? Do you ever find yourself getting lost in the saturation and just “do” what everyone else seems to be doing, because it seems to be working? This may work, and work great, for now…but what about 6 months from now, a year from now, 3 years from now?

Branding is truly magic!  And a brand that converts and lasts way longer than our beloved RewardStyle or Shopstyle cookies will last is all about powerful triggers that help you create, perform and share in a more global, influential way!

We all deserve to truly OWN our own brand. After all, we don’t own our Instagram pictures, Instagram does… we don’t own all the money we make through affiliate links, we just get a (small) percentage. At the very least we owe it to ourselves to own what makes us truly unique, what makes us shine, what makes us powerful and attractive to the world around us.

So, what makes some brands/bloggers shine brighter than others?

The answer is simple - those brands/bloggers found a problem their followers had– and solved it!

Take RewardStyle for example, they found a problem in the connection between affiliate links and influencers, and solved it…all while also creating billion-dollar business :)

It’s time to really ask yourself why your followers follow you. What’s your secret? Maybe you’re followers are looking to learn how to apply makeup the right way. Maybe they don’t feel good about their body and want to know what would fit their body type better. Perhaps they want be proud of their home, and need sprucing up tips without spending an arm and a leg. They could be stressed out and overwhelmed and want tips on how to better organize their closet, and their life!

You see, most influencers may the mistake that they’re followers don’t have these questions and are just following them for pretty pictures of their clothes, makeup and food… but it goes deeper than that. You’re followers are following you because you have done or said something fulfilling that has built a true connection within them, and they want see a 360 view of the world through YOUR eyes and YOUR experience.

And that's why you need to focus on finding problems - and solving them. Once you focus on that – you will naturally find your true brands sweet spot, grow your following tenfold, and start having the business and profits you truly deserve!

 What is your true brand? Well… start with this :)

For tips on how to do this, download the worksheet below, which gives you consistent steps on how to define your true brand.

What are ways you define your brand? What have you found that works well, and what have you found that doesn't? Any advice to share with us? Please leave your comments and thoughts below by clicking the "comment" button at the bottom left. 

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It’s time we find our unique sweet spot in order to truly create our unique brand by Julie Solomon - Brand & Blogger Consultant.

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How to Define Your Brand Sweet Spot in 15 Minutes