How-To : Easy On-The-Go Hair Tutorial

If you're a woman/mom like me, taking time to do your hair is just top on your top list of priorities. I work full time, plus I am a wife and unless I am getting a blow out my poor hair always looks like an air dried mess. I have learned over the years how to (somewhat) do my makeup, but have just never been good at doing my hair. Not only do I not have time to give my hair longer than 2.5 minutes a day, but I tend to take a day or 3 in between showers to wash my hair (I'm just being honest here. Plus, my hair stylist says hair is healthier when not washed daily so I use that as my excuse lol!) I was so thrilled when I fabulous friend and owner of Parlour 3 Melissa Schleicher introduced me to the fabulous Pink Pewter headbands she has at her salon. If you follow my blog, I have talked about Melissa before. I love how these headbands spruce up any hair style, washed or not! There are a ton of variations of how to wear these, as seen here... but if you need a quick up to, the below is what I've been going for lately. It literally took me 2 minutes to do this! See below for some of my favorite styles and step by step instructions on how to create this super easy style. 

Step 1: Place your headband over the top of your hair, across your forehead.

Step 2: Starting from one side, begin to tuck your hair over and then through the elastic bands.

Step 3: Pull the hair so that it lays down.

 Step 4: Repeat on the opposite side. 

Step 5: Continue to pull your hair around the elastic.

Step 6: Tuck the remaining hair all the way into the elastic. 

Step 7: Using your hand, form it as tightly or loosely as desired.

Step 8: Rock your new hairstyle!

For a variation, braid your hair into sections before tucking it into the elastic headband. Or you can switch it up and only roll the top half of your hair for a half up half down look.