Mom to Mom- The ModernMom

I don't know about you, but there are definitely those times when I feel as if I've spent the whole day on the hot mess express nonstop to Complainville, USA. My house is a disaster, my kid stinks (literally, he pooped again), I have a bazillion work emails to tend to, my husband is trying to call me while working 10,000+ miles away with little to no reception, only to get from me a "Huh...what? Wait the reception...I can't hear...can I call you later!?". To get the dose of inspiration I need in the times of frustration, I seek out moms who seem (at least to me) to have that everyday balance of life together; all while maintaining a growing career, happy family and healthy lifestyle. Now I know these women aren't perfect, but I am immediately inspired by them. Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba, Gillian Flynn, Beth Moore are just a few of my go to stalk session for my moments of self-doubt. I'll read their books, check out their websites...heck, I even go on instagram or twitter to see what they are wearing and feeding their kids. For whatever reason, taking a moment to admire ladies like these always gives me a boost and makes me realize this: "There is always going to be someone more balanced than you, but also there will be someone more busy than you, with a messier house, a stinkier child, and a husband who is farther away... so say a prayer, be grateful, and ease on!"

On one of my stalk sessions several months back, I came across the fabulous Brooke Burke and her website ModernMom. ModernMom is a go to site for all things mom, baby, parenting, health, food and the balance in between. If you're a stalker of awesome moms and great content (like I am) look no further. Since I was an avid reader of the site already, I was super excited when they asked me to be a contributor on their site. What I love about writing and reading from ModernMom contributors is the honesty that comes from real moms who are going through the daily grind like the rest of us. I love the sense of relatability this site offers. You can find a list of contributors here, including myself.

Who are some modern moms that you admire?

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