New Video! Star Wars Lightsaber DIY

Hey guys! Camden and I wanted to do a fun video in honor of National Star Wars Day, which is today! (#Maythe4thBeWithYou!) Last week, Camden and I got in the Star Wars spirit by making DIY Lightsabers!! Click below to check out our video plus written directions (its SUPER easy). 

Also, for your nerdy pleasure, here's some fun info on Star Wars Day that Time Magazine posted! 


All you need to make your DIY Star Wars Lightsaber are a few easy supplies and about 5 minutes! That’s right, a lightsaber in 5 minutes. 

You will need a regular shaped pool noodle (you can find these year round at Target in the toy section), Black Duct TapeSilver 3M Expressions tapeScissors. Measure out the length you would like your lightsabers to be and make a small mark on the spot. Using scissors make a puncture on the marked spot and trim off the excess noodle. Wrap your handle area with the black duct tape. I made mine 3 widths long. Using the silver decorative tape design your unique handle. All finished, now get out there and have an epic lightsaber battle with your kids and their friends.