Pajama Party

We definitely have a bedtime ritual in our house. First is bath time (which I discussed earlier this week) followed by a book or little game that doesn’t get him too wound up. Then it’s bottle time, quick switch of the sound machine and out he goes with the lights.


Picking out his pajamas for the night is something I have always loved. Maybe it’s my crazy obsession with baby clothes (thanks to my mom for that habit), but there is nothing quite like a soft baby pajama. Seriously, I think they are one of the greatest things ever invented (next to wine, a spa day, and a pedi…I digress). They are uber soft, plush, always smell amazing and are footed! What more could you ask for. I don’t think I am the only adult out there that feels this way, or companies wouldn’t try to emulate them with the creepy adult versions of the footed pajama that sell in the loads. Footed pajamas are, well in my book, the cats pajamas! Below are some pajamas I am currently gushing over. They each offer something different, and are enough to make your baby sleep like an angel. 

Petit Bateau Sleepwear: Petit Bateau is a French clothing brand that has been around for over 120 years! I came across this amazing company at one of my favorite baby stores in Los Angeles (Bel Bambini) when Camden was about 2 months old and could not get over their quality. Their baby clothes are top of the line in durability, quality, fabric and fashion. Their sleepwear is no exception. Comfort and style is key with this company.

Carter’s: A mom can really never go wrong with Carter’s when it comes to affordability and accessibility. In terms of an all around good PJ, they have you covered.  The fabric has a nice feel to it, its lightweight, which leaves your baby comfortable and sweat free at night. Plus, they have zip up PJ options that are much easier than the snap buttons! They always have a deal (I got a great PJ on sale  for $2.99 once) and their holiday PJ’s are super cute. We’ve been using these since Camden was born and love them.

Hanna Andersson: This Scandinavian bred company knows what to do with some organic cotton and a fun print! Hanna Andersson is known for their supersoft eco-friendly fabrics, comfy designs, and legendary kids pajamas.  Bold colors, organic cotton and zip up front make these PJs a no brainer (plus, Nordstrom has them on sale right now!)

KicKee Pants: I’ve said it once and Ill say it again, KicKee Pants are the softest clothes you will ever touch, ever! Their pajamas are TO.DIE.FOR. I love that this is a mom and pop company that strive to have kids feel unrestricted and free in their clothing. They are mostly made from bamboo cotton (hence the incredible softness). But I also think they have a magical elf that makes their pajamas because I have never felt anything so soft. I love their footed pajamas as well as their layette sacks for sleeping.

Bitta Kidda Wearable Lovie Sleeper: I came across this pajama a few weeks ago and think it’s a great concept, especially for babies who have trouble sleeping or napping. It comes with 2 sewn in love-e’s on the pajama to help your child sleep with comforting ease. The first night Camden wore this I did peek back in to his room and he was holding them sleeping, which was not only adorable to proof that the pajama did what it set out to do, comfort my child to sleep! If your child is one that has a hard time going down, this could be a good option to try. It's lightweight, feels nice and its not too bulky or hot like some of those other sleeper-aid pajamas on the market.

What are your favorite pajamas? Good bedtime ritual you can share?