Summer Beauty Sale! Deals + Steals

Nordstrom is having some AMAZING beauty summer sales right now! Below I have compiled a list of all my personal favorites that are currently on sale. I use each and every one of these items myself, so was able to tell you about each of them and why they are a must, especially when they are discounted for such a steal! Please read/click below for details! 

1. Prep your undereyes with this concealer/highlighter base. It will keep your dark circles away and will also give you a great lift of color to make your eyes look softer and more youthful. I like the smooth and bright look. 

2.  I’ve used this for years.It is the best bronzing shimmer ever! I love the array of colors, as there are beautiful highlighting options as well. Its great for eyeshadow too. 

3. If you've read my blog before you know how much I love Laura Mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer and primer. It's just the best! I've been using her tinter moisture since college. 

4. I've been using these chubby sticks since February and am seriously obsessed! I have them in 4 different colors (Budding Blossom and Coming Up Rosy are my favorite for Summer). They are so easy to travel with, and super silky smooth! 

5. The perfect mega shine gloss stain around. It really stays on too. Love it. 

6. I always seem to come back to this deodorant. I've been using it since college and just love the way it smells. I carry it in my purse since its so small.  I notice a difference within a few days of use. It’s a staple.

7. See #3.. I just can't love this product enough. If you haven't tried it, do yourself a favor and CLICK NOW! :) you will thank me. 

8. Best concealer stick ever!!  Makeup artists always use to tell me that this was the best but I finally didn't try it until last year and I'm so glad I did. This stuff is hydrating with such amazing coverage properties that hide imperfection. It lasts FOREVER too! 

9. I LOVE this perfume! It has always been my summer go to, its just amazing. 

10. I have also blogged about this amazing creation here. Its like a facial in a bottle, and you deserve to try it! 

11. I've also blogged about this lipstick many times, the color really pops and stays on! 

12. I just started using the eyebrow pencil and really love it! It's goes on super easy and the color blends perfectly. 

13. This is a STAPLE in any skincare routine, I use this at night about 3x a week. It really helps get he gunk off and helps your skin breathe and repair itself. 

14. Hands down the BEST contour kit on the market. I just LOVE this stuff! It goes on, stays on and blends unlike any other contour kit around. Just love it. Do it! 

15. My mom turned me on to this stuff and I am so glad she did. She always smells great and this stuff smells AMAZING! Truly all the scents do. I love their lotion too!