Ya'll, we just hit the iTunes Top 50 List. Is this real life?

Have you ever created something that you never knew you always wanted? Or perhaps, it was a far away "it happens to other people" fantasy that you just didn't think was capable of happening in your life? 

For me, it was the podcast. I still remember the day that I stopped making excuses and decided that I would no longer play small anymore. I remember that day, staring a the iTunes podcast page on my computer screen after listening to an episode of Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield saying to myself, "Okay, no more excuses, no more lack of confidence. Today is the day, you are going to finally create The Influencer Podcast."

I was done allowing those thoughts that I made up and told myself take the lead. I was gone waiting for "the right time", I was done beating myself up for not doing it sooner, I was done avoiding my college degree in Journalism and my love of interviews and conversation.

And here we are, just 8 episodes in....and we are currently sitting at #41 on iTunes Top 200 Business Podcast chart! And that, my friends, is seriously something I never imagined. 

I think of showing up in your phones, your cars, your showers, your flights...wherever you are listening while going through the hustle and bustle of your life and am beyond grateful and honored that you chose to spend time with me and my guests as they share so many #mindblownmoments. 

I think of showing up to do my part, which is to help you create, perform and share connectively. 

So thank you for listening. And to my amazingly talented podcast guests, THANK YOU for making this truly magical! 

If The Influencer Podcast has taught you something new or impacted you in any way, I would ever be so grateful if you could pop over to iTunes to share your experience and story. I literally read every one of your reviews. It's what keeps me inspired and empowered to continue to show up and serve each of you! 

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If you haven't had a moment to listen in yet, you can do so HERE.

With so much love and gratitude,