055: Figuring Out Who You Are + Overcoming Fear with Amber Lilyestrom

Get ready for goosebumps, crazy motivation, and let’s be honest, probably some tears. This week’s show is a powerful, emotional, in-freaking-spiring episode, and one that had me nodding my head the entire time. Amber Lilyestrom and I connected from the moment we met, and I’ve been counting down the days for her to join us on the show. I’m so honored that Amber has chosen to share her story and insight with us, and am beyond excited for y’all to listen to this one.

Amber survived an extremely painful experience as a child, but you better believe that didn’t stop her from going on to be a D1 athlete, a warrior mama, host of her very own podcast, The Amber Lilyestrom Show, and running her successful website, AmberLilyestrom.com. Amber is a transformative brand strategist, writer, business and life coach, and she specializes in working with female entrepreneurs to create a soul-connected online brand presence - among improving their overall marketing strategies.

During our conversation, Amber and I touch on resisting change, stepping into who you really are, the power of sharing your unique stories, shame, and ultimately, tapping into things like fear and callings to lead a life that is authentic to YOU. There are SO many nuggets in this show; it’s definitely one to come back to time and time again.

Amber’s ‘take-action items and advice’

  1. Think about the straight line that will get you to your goals. Follow that line.

  2. If you go to post an Instagram and it doesn’t feel right, stop right there. You’re trying to be someone else.

  3. Look for the feelings in your day that are intense; whether good or bad. Write them down. What are they telling you?

Plus, Amber shares 3 steps to figuring out who you are AND tangible steps for getting over fear.

There’s more! She’s graciously giving you lovely readers a free downloadable: Turn Your Brand in to a Dream Client Magnet - My Top 5 Branding Secrets Guide. How cool is that?!

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