115: Keeping It Real In Life & Business — Jana Kramer

Is there anything better than being introduced to a totally authentic and real business woman? Someone you instantly trust because they don’t hold back, and they tell it like it is, even when things get messy and aren’t picture perfect.

If you’re anything like me, those types of connections are so important when navigating business, motherhood or just adulthood in general. There’s something powerful about finding other women you vibe with, whether it’s in person or on your Instagram feed, am I right?  

Although I may be biased, I can’t think of anyone else who keeps it more real than today’s podcast guest, Jana Kramer.

Jana is not only a successful actress, country star and podcast host, she’s also an amazing mom to her two kids and an entrepreneur, too. What I love about Jana’s story is that she was truly an influencer before she knew she was an influencer!

If you follow me on IG, you might also know that Jana is one of my dear friends, so you’ve probably seen us on a beach together somewhere, or taking our kids to the park or just enjoying a glass of wine.

Whether you remember her from her time on that super popular TV show called One Tree Hill, or from her wildly successful podcast Whine Down, I guarantee there is a whole lot you don’t know about Jana, too... including how she and I met.

While some may say it’s a slightly strange story, it also has a really beautiful and healthy message of healing. You have to tune in to hear it!

If you’re wondering how she’s been able to succeed at so many different elements of her professional career, and overcome personal challenges and always persevere, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Jana’s outlook on life and business is truly inspiring…

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Her incredible mindset when it comes to difficult situations in life (and how she’s gotten through them)

  • Why being an open book, even when it’s super challenging, is key to her success (and how she’s able to help other women)

  • The challenges of working with a spouse every day- on her podcast, business ventures and household chores.

  • What she thinks is her biggest flaw but doesn’t stop her from being her authentic self

  • What ‘influence’ means to her and how she continuously hones it in all of her business endeavors  

What did you think?

I’d love to hear from you! After you’ve listened to this episode, leave a comment and tell me what your favorite takeaway is and why.

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