119: How to Pursue Your Dreams When Life Gets Busy — Kaitlin Vilasuso

Are you a busy mom, wife, or career woman who would love to make a name for yourself online? Do you wish you knew how to get started blogging, or hosting a podcast but you just have no clue where to start? Do you get caught up needing everything to be perfect before you start a new venture? 

If that’s you, girlfriend you are not alone! Today’s podcast guest went from being a stay at home mom and wife to a successful blogger, influencer and podcast host. Her story is super inspiring and even better, it’s totally relatable to so many women. 

Kaitlin Vilasuso is the creator of That Cozy Life, a lifestyle website that '’finds the cozy in the everyday' and offers awesome parenting hacks, delicious recipes and health & beauty advice. Kaitlin’s also the host of the Just Between Us Podcast which launched in November of 2018. She and her sister, Bailee Madison, navigate the ups and downs of life, share their personal stories, and interview thought leaders on their podcast. They also take calls from listeners who seek positive and realistic advice on everyday dilemmas, which is totally my favorite part of ‘Just Between Us.’

Through both her blog and her podcast, Kaitlin is refreshingly transparent. She opens up about how life takes you down paths you never expected, and how important it is to commit to investing in yourself.  

During our chat together, Kaitlin breaks down the exact steps she took to overcome being a perfectionist and go after her dreams, how she juggles mom life, being a supportive wife and running two successful businesses. And why feeling guilty taking the time to explore your business goals is totally normal. 

In her own words; “... it’s been this whole process of allowing myself to commit to what I’m doing and believe in what I’m doing and giving myself the time to do that. And knowing that it’s not taking away from my kids; it’s teaching them.” YES! Who else can relate?? 

Tune in to hear about the importance of realizing that your career aspirations matter and are worthy, and how to balance life when you have a million things going on.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to take time for your dreams, even when life gets insanely hectic.  

  • Why it’s so important to put yourself out there, even when you’re certain you’re ‘not qualified yet’ (you have to hear how Kaitlin’s podcast got started!) 

  • How going after what fills you up will always pay off more than doing what’s expected of you 

  • What triggers Kaitlin’s anxiety when it comes to her businesses and how she deals with it 

  • The key to figuring out what problem you’re solving in order to better serve your audience 

  • How she was able to monetize her blog, and how she figures out which brands she wants to partner with

What did you think?

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