121: How She Navigates a Career, Motherhood and Serious Style — Denise Vasi

Are you a first-time mom, trying to figure out how to raise your child as naturally and intentionally as possible? Or, are you already a parent whose wanting to rethink the products you’re using or the environment you’ve created for your kids? 

Whether you’re interested in how to prepare plant-based, clean meals for your family, or detoxing your home in preparation for a new baby, you’re going to love today’s podcast guest, Denise Vasi.

Denise is the founder and editor in chief of MAED, an inclusive women’s content site that is part digital mag and part blog. It’s number one purpose is to inspire and educate women on balancing life, career, and family without sacrificing self-care and style.

Denise’s story is really fascinating; her journey began as a child model at the age of 12, and includes a transition to the acting world when she landed a role on VH1’s “Single Ladies.” Everything changed when she gave birth to her beautiful daughter in February of 2015.

In today’s episode, Dense and I chat about the massive changes that occurred in her life as she navigated going from a career in the entertainment world to motherhood. 

What I love about Denise is that she keeps it totally real. In her own words, she says ”motherhood is a 24/7 gig. There are no reshoots or stand-ins...  I didn’t know that being a mother was so hard. I didn’t know that you could love anyone the way you love your child. I also didn’t know that I would take so much pride in my responsibilities as a mother. I was committed to raising my daughter as intentionally and naturally as possible.” 

As Denise began documenting her new journey as a mom and highlighting her alternative choices via social media, people took note. She quickly realized after the overwhelming response on social media, that her female followers wanted a permanent place to go for more info, so she created MAED.

Tune in to our chat to learn how she was able to pivot and become an influencer in the parenting space online, and create such an impactful brand for mother’s around the world.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to get past your fear of breaking into a new space online and just go for it. 

  • The biggest challenges Denise faced as she launched and grew her new digital business.

  • What she learned from sitting back for a year and half and watching other influencers in the parenting space.

  • Why she turned down opportunities to partner with other brands and what it taught her.

  • The biggest ‘ah ha’ moment she learned from being a new mom (this was so powerful, and so important). 

What did you think?

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