122: Want To Land Brand Deals As A Beauty Influencer? Here's How — Meg Young

Are you super curious about what PR agencies are looking for in an influencer these days? Do you wish you had insight into what it takes to land a long term relationship with a huge beauty brand? If so, you’re in luck, because today’s podcast guest is a public relations and influencer marketing guru, specializing in prestige beauty.

Meg Young has over a decade of public relations experience, working with two of the industry’s most prestigious beauty agencies. She’s also spent time leading the in-house PR efforts for luxury beauty brands Kate Somerville Skincare and Jouer Cosmetics.  

Through her years of experience working in New York and Los Angeles, Meg has established a vast network of authentic relationships with top editors, influencers, makeup artists, celebrities, publicists and managers on both coasts. In 2018, Meg added “entrepreneur” to her resume when she founded Meg Young Media Group, a public relations and influencer marketing consultancy, which specializes in beauty.

The bottomline? She knows what brands want when it comes to their PR strategies, and she’s shedding light on how influencers can get their foot in the door with major beauty brands. You’ll absolutely want to hear what she has to say! 

Today, Meg and I are talking about her impressive and innovative path in the PR world, thanks to her grit and her social media savvy. We’re also chatting about all the ways she thinks influencers can win when it comes to landing brand deals in 2019.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why leading the beauty division of a large PR agency taught her a lot about being an entrepreneur 

  • The shifts she has seen in how huge beauty companies approach influencers today

  • The goal beauty brands are hoping to achieve when working with influencers

  • The key to achieving success on social media as an influencer (it’s not as complicated as you may think…)

  • How the value of your relationships often matter more to PR agencies and brands than your perfectly curated content

  • Who usually calls the shots and has the final say when it comes to a brand hiring an influencer for a campaign

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