128: How to Use Enneagram For Success — Juliana Cox


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    Are you fascinated with how human behavior works and why certain people operate a specific way? What if you could gain a deeper understanding of someone’s personality traits and really grasp what makes them tick? Today, Julie chats with Juliana Cox, a former LA fashion blogger turned successful Nashville real estate broker, about all things Enneagram. 

    Learn why the Enneagram matters, how it can influence the direction of your business and even help you pitch brands more effectively. In today’s Influencer Podcast episode, Juliana outlines exactly what the Enneagram is, what it involves and where it originated. If you’re an entrepreneur, influencer or content creator who is seeking a deeper dialogue with your community, you won’t want to miss our conversation. 

    As Juliana says, “human beings want to be seen and heard and I do that in and outside of my real estate business at a really high level. I want to continue to meditate, follow my intuition and essentially have a deep knowing of how I can serve other people. That’s the Projector in me! I feel I am here to advise, support and guide others through their own processes.” Tune in to hear Juliana’s powerful story, what Enneagram test to take, and why you should want to learn more about your Enneagram type. 

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    What you’ll learn

    • The specific benefits, challenges and key traits of each Enneagram type.

    • Why shifting gears in your business (and your life) is okay, in fact, sometimes it’s totally necessary. 

    • How understanding someone’s Enneagram number can help you craft a more effective pitch. 

    • The specific qualities and behavioral traits you should look for to ensure you’re at your healthiest state (and how to know when you’re not). 

    • Ultimately, how to operate as the best possible version of yourself.

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