5 Pitch Templates for Influencers Emailing Brands

5 Pitch Templates for Influencers Emailing Brands


Tired of sending out pitch related emails and coming back to an empty inbox? Or, are you over getting pitched by a brand and confused on how to best respond? Perhaps you want to pitch a brand, but are afraid you don’t know what to say?

Instead of getting frustrated, try these handy email templates, designed to help you curate smart, action based reply-worthy communication.

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The Pitch it Now Package includes 5 pitch templates you can personalize.

This instant download is an action packed PDF and includes an email to send when:

1. You reeeeeally want to work with the brand!

2. You love the brand, but don’t know if they are working with influencers right now.

3. Your experience may not be the best fit for a collaboration right now, but hey, you’re going to try and get on their radar anyway!

4. It’s time to shine up your press kit and you need recommendations from past colleagues/ mentors/ brands.

5. You want to add your name to their ever-exclusive event invites and product mailing lists.

These are the same exact emails that have built a slew of organic relationships in the industry and hundreds of thousands in brand deals for my clients, and my own blog, over and over again! Can’t wait for these templates to work for you too!

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