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Hey there!

I’m Julie Solomon, a brand strategist, digital marketing expert, influencer marketing educator and host of the chart-topping podcast The Influencer Podcast, currently living the L.A. life by way of Nashville.

I help women like you up-level their influence, purposefully connect, and monetize their platform beyond tiny affiliate payouts, dead end Google searches, and Pinterest/blog rabbit trails—all because I believe your influence has value.

I believe in the power of positive persuasion fueled with heart and intention.

I built others’ businesses on it, and I built my business on it.

Now? Let’s build your business on it.

It wasn’t that long ago that I left my small town roots in Tennessee with a journalism degree in hand and got a one-way ticket to NYC to dive into the world of music publicity (had never been there before but decided to move there with no job, and no friends!). I landed a job at a top boutique music PR firm: think conference calls with acts like Def Leppard, P!nk to Lenny Kravitz.

But, I realized the hustle and grind of Manhattan wasn’t what I wanted long-term. I moved back home to Nashville to work for Harper-Collins’ Thomas Nelson Inc., the largest faith based publishing house in the world, and over time, joined forces with a girlfriend to start our own boutique PR firm, OMG Publicity— securing clients from Emily Maynard Johnson to Emily Ley …  and turning them into best-sellers!

However, it turns out when you meet and marry a guy who’s lived in Los Angeles for more than 25 years, you move across the country … especially when he works as an actor and you can work from wherever with your PR firm … and especially when there’s a little one on the way.

I was barefoot and pregnant, hungry for friendship in Southern California.

So I did what every young woman does when she moves to LA—I started a blog.

I loved my time in the lifestyle blog circuit, because found once I began putting my day-job PR hacks to work for my blog, I started making money—to the tune of $250k in brand deals in just one year.

I started writing about PR, marketing and branding at the request of a few influencer friends who wanted tips on how I’d done it. That led to the viral podcast, The Influencer Podcast, achieving millions of downloads in more than 170 countries. The internet loved it, so I decided to throw my chips in and rebrand everything:

And now? Recently named as one of the Top 100 leaders in influencer marketing, I’m leading the next generation of influencers like you build a business they’re proud of.

It’s time we get you clear strategies from an industry leader who’s been there, done that. A woman who’s fallen head first in the mud a time or two, followed her fear, and finally built something after years of hard work that she’ll be proud to tell her son about one day when he’s old enough.  

We’re on the same road, friend. I’m just a few steps ahead, reaching out my hand, and can’t WAIT for you to join me!