Fall Bath Time Eczema Essentials + Mustela Stelatopia Line

Bath time in our house is an end of day deal. It’s meant to bring a close to all the things that keep us in a flurry of activity throughout the day.

Of course, my son doesn't always get the memo about bath time being a calm and relaxing time. It’s usually more about sloshing, splashing and pretending he is a shark. But, hey, I’m good with that last ditch effort to burn energy! My floors might be soaked, but I can tell he is always having fun and tapping in to his creativity during bath time.

Another thing I love about bath time is that is gets my little one smelling soon good right before we lays his head down for the night. And (if you've read my posts before) you know there is nothing better than a Mustela smelling baby! Even though Mustela is fragrance free, there is something about their line that just leaves a baby smelling so clean! Another great thing about Mustela (especially in the dryer/colder months) is their Stelatopia line that is geared toward Eczema, but also amazing at locking in hydration when you really need it! I love leaving their cream cleanser during bath time, then slathering up with the moisturizing cream and blame before bed time. The Stelatopia line is known for nourishing and rebalancing dry, depleted skin, especially eczema prone skin. So if you or your little one is dealing with this, you should definately check it out!  I use the line on Camden, and I also use it daily as the California climate is always dry, especially in the fall and winter. (TIP: you can also use the lotion right when you get out of the bath or shower before you towel dry as it really keeps the moisture locked into the skin!). Mustela is also Paraben, Phthalate and Phenoxyethanol-free which is a major plus! They have a #GoodbyeEczema sweepstakes going on right now that you should check out, as well as Free Shipping and discount offers on their site for the month of October! Plus, if you use code JULES5 at checkout, you will get $5 off your first order! 

If you’re feeling less than inspired about bath time, here are 4 facts that I found interesting about the importance of bath time, and how it helps overall brain development and creativity! 

Did you know? 

  • By age three, 85% of a baby’s brain is developed so it’s important to engage your child during this time. When multiple senses are stimulated, like during bath time, the brain’s processes for learning are enhanced.
  • Playing with bubbles can help baby develop hand-eye coordination and discover that objects exist even when they can’t be seen.
  • Singing songs and playing music during bath time can stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory, while playing certain types of music stimulates parts of the brain responsible for visual imagery.
  • Studies have shown infants who are spoken with more have larger vocabularies by 24 months of age – so make sure that bath talk is a part of your routine