All About Statement Bibs (and not the baby kind!)

I have always been a fan of the bib! Rather is it the cutest Poncho Baby bib I put on my child, or a bit of bling I clasp around my neck, I say you can never go wrong. Today's post is all about the statement necklaces that can spruce up any outfit. Half the time I walk out of my house, I always think I look like a hot mess with some kind of toddler stain on my shirt and fugly flats on my feet. Lately, I've been taking an extra 15.2 seconds to put on some fashionable (and most importantly, wearable!) booties and a statement necklace before walking out the door. I may still look like a hot mess, but at least I feel somewhat better about my appearance and a little more put together. When it comes to these necklaces, a little bib goes a long way!

1. I’m crazy about this dripping gold necklace. I wore it recently to the premiere of my husband's new film, Vice, and received a TON of compliments on it. I love that you can dress it up/down, feminine/rugged. The best part? FREE SHIPPING! 

2. How fun is this crystal and chain necklace. I just might need to my jewelry collection, especially since its ON SALE for $24. 

3.  I have wanted this crystal collar necklace for a while now! If you were to get it, would you do gold or silver? It’s a good price and oh so tempting.

4. This crystal statement necklace go with everything! Skinny jeans,leather pants, dresses,jumpsuits, ets. Under $30!

5. One of my all time favorite statement necklaces.  I’ve had it for 2 years now and still love it. It holds up great!

6. If you are in the need of the most amazing faux leather necklace please look no further. This is it! I’m obsessed and hoping to grab this before it’s sold out.

7.  Just bought this rhinestone bib necklace. I love the detailing at the bottom. It’s so pretty in person and looks so good with skinny jeans and booties.

8. This is a classic little agate gold bib necklace to have. It sits perfectly and wears very well. and its currently ON SALE for 30% off! I love it when Shopbop has good sales going.

9. I’m heading to Fashion Week in a couple weeks and I need something multi-layred that really pops. This necklace caught my eye last week and I’m still thinking about it. It’s also 15% off.

10. I love statement pieces with a pop of color, esp. emerald. This is gorgeous, unique and under $35!

11. This crystal necklace will make any basic tee stand out. Plus its under $40 and has a classic look to it that will last years.

12. Raise your hand if you love a good deal! This necklace is just $25 and gives a nice feminine feel to your wardrobe.