Summer Tops Under $50 + Camden's New Favorite Word

It's Friday!!! Yay for the weekend! 

DETAILS: Topshop Fringe Tank (here too) || Flared Denim (here too) || Wedge Heels (sold out, similar here here and here)  || Bracelet || Earring || Necklace (sold out similar here and here)


Camden’s personality is coming out more and more each day (see below). Just when I think I can’t love him more he does something precious and silly and I just want to squeeze him. He’s starting to become more active in his playing (he loves to swing as you can see!) and  learn more and more words, before this week it had just been the basics: Dada, Dada (because he calls me Dada too), No, Agua (water), car (he’s obsessed with cars), and dog. He doesn’t say them like everyday some day’s he talks more than others, but lately he's been saying his new word: SHOES! Now coming from a girl who is obsessed with shoes – I don’t think he could have picked a better word ;) hah jk but really, I think it stems from the fact he loves taking his shoes off and on and off and on again. I swear every time I put his shoes on they are off in 5 seconds and I catch him trying to put them on himself. It’s pretty cute though when we are out places he will take one of his shoes off then come over and sit at my feet and say “shoes” and hold it up. So I’ll put it on and then two seconds later it’s off again and he does the same thing: sits at my feet and says “shoes”. I’ll be honest after about the third or fourth time I give up and just hide them in my purse :) 

Along with shoes, another favorite thing of mine this summer has been all of the amazing tops I've been finding for under $50. I’m in love with this Topshop number that I just got. I love how it looks with denim (like these MiH jeans that I wore with the top that are now 30% off! They fit everyone like a glove. Great for women/moms who may be a little curvy in the hip area like I am ;) and can also paired with a cute skirt or white sleek pants. I also got this cute top on sale (also love the ivory!). I love tops with some sort of neutral anchor because they match everything. I also got this top for 40% off  and this off the shoulder top for just $25

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