The (REAL) Father's Day Gift Guide

I wanted to talk about husbands and Father's Day. When it comes to Father's Day and 'gifts', if your husband is anything like mine, he kind of smirks at the idea. I'm guessing that smirk is due to the fact that a Fathers Day 'gift' to him wouldn't be a new gadget, tailored suit or a nice watch, but would (honestly!) be more like me spending less at Sephora this month or not having to buy (another!) nude clutch. 

My husband Johnathon and Camden having a "guys' day! 

Like most men, my husband's idea of a gift is to, in fact, probably not buy anything...bc he (like most husband's and unlike pretty much every woman I know) doesn't like to SPEND money on what he calls things. I'm pretty sure if I told him that my Father's Day gift to him was a surprise investment into our portfolio,  he would pass out on the floor/it would make his year. 

Now don't get me wrong, my husband is a very generous, amazing guy and I do not go to sleep hungry by any stretch of the imagination. It's just that we have different ideas of what "frivolous spending"/things may be. He may think that nude clutch is frivolous...and I may think those 30 pairs of UnderArmour workout shorts are frivolous. But he wears those shorts every day, and I rock that nude clutch! Alas, he is him and I am me, and thats what makes this world (or at least our marriage) go round. I LOVE giving gifts bc love picking out something special for my loved ones or friends and putting a smile on their face. And luckily, he appeases this 'hobby' of mine with a big ole' smile! 

But still, what do you gift a dad who doesn't really want any'thing'? I love him, but he is the WORST at giving me ideas. So, after a few years of being with him under my belt, I have come to find out that he actually does like receiving gifts... it just may not be the same gifts I would like if I were, say, a man. LOL

Below is a list of TRIED and TRUE gifts for dad's/men out there who don't like receiving the nice collard shirt, or the awesome belt or the AMAZING shoes you found online. The guy who isn't into cologne, or the awesome designer suit you snagged 30%, this is (hopefully) 5 ideas for a  GUY's guy Father's Day gift! 

1. Amazon Prime ($99/year)

I’ve been using Amazon Prime for years. If you’re not using Amazon Prime—or your dad/husband/boyfriend isn’t, as the case may be—this is the perfect gift. One year starts at $99 (up from $79) and includes a host of benefits, including free 2-day shipping, tons of video and music streaming options, and the Kindle lending library. The only downside to Amazon Prime is that it makes shopping at Amazon so much more appealing, but it does save you money in the long run with the shipping costs (yay!). Free 2-day shopping is perhaps the cleverest thing any online retailer has ever done. For families with a Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime Instant Video can be a nice alternative, also.

2. Gillette Shave Club (3 plans range for $3-$5) 

The Gillette Shave Club offers the convenience of their quality shaving products delivered to dad's doorstep. Gillette took their existing subscription program to the next level by offering special deals, coupons, and exclusive access to sports and entertainment programs. Gillette Shave Club premium blades offer up to a month of shaves for about $5 ($60 per year) depending on the type of blade and frequency of delivery. Great for the dad who won't leave home without a perfect clean shave!

3. A day at the movies or AppleTV

Is your husband a movie/action guy? If so, maybe a fun day a the movies would be his kind of gift. If he is looking more for a chill day at home, I would recommend AppleTV. Apple TV gives you access to Apple's iTunes Store entertainment content right on your television! In addition, you get Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, sports networks, and plenty of other entertainment options. Connect it to your iTunes Home Share, and you can use your iOS devices as remote controls for the Apple TV. The best part, though, is AirPlay. You can beam audio and video content right to the Apple TV with ease from your iOS device, or your Mac. You can also mirror the display of these devices as well, all wireless over your home network. At only $70, you really can't beat it!

4. Day at the beach/ outdoor activity or a day at the ballgame

oes your husband love the outdoors? Then maybe planning a fun day at the beach or hiking would be something fun for him. Does he love rock climbing but you hate it? Perhaps appeasing him for this one day and take a fun indoor rock climbing course could be fun. If he's a baseball fan, a day at the field could be great! Typically, a little bit goes a long way with grab some seats, a hot dog and a beer and I bet he will be in heaven!

5. Plan a surprise getaway!

Does your husband love all the above but you don't live near any of it? You could surprise him with a quick getaway! Orbitz offers great last minute deals on hotels and flights!

Hopefully these 5 tips give you something a little more "guy" friendly and will make this year's Father's Day a little less stressful! What are other "guys" guy gift ideas you have? Leave a comment and let us know!


 Happy Father's Day to this awesome dad and all the dads out there!!!

Happy Father's Day to this awesome dad and all the dads out there!!!