Best Summer Totes

Summer is in full swing, so I've rounded up my favorite must have totes for the season. I made sure all of these are mom approved (they will fit your + kiddies things) and super fun/stylish as well! If you aren't a mom, these are still great pics as they are the current with what's trending this season. You can scroll through the bar below for pics and click for details. I have also listed some deal and style info/my personal fav/thoughts on each below!! Here's to a colorful summer! 

Side note for those mommas out there: Heads up mommas!! Baby Gap / Gap Kids is have major sale, EVERYTHING is 40% off!!! Woohoo! Click here for sale deets:

1. This reversible vegan leather tote is so cute and under $50!! It comes in 4 other colors as well. 

2. This Rebecca Minkoff cream tote is incredible! I like that its a cream but not so light that it would dirty easy. Also comes in a really pretty light blue/grey color. So chic and timeless. 

3. I love the design of this Tory Burch tote, I think its perfect for summer and her totes are great quality!

4. I really love this blue Kate Spade tote! It's such a beautiful color. It's also available in 4 other colors as well.

5. I want this tote bad!! I think it could be dressed up or down pretty easy, which is important when your always on the go. 

6. This tote is so fun and feminine! I love the pom details and the pop of yellow. 

7. I already have this tote in the cream color which I love, but this pop of color would be great for summer! These longchamp bags last FOREVER. So durable and easy to clean! They come in a ton of colors too. 

8. This silicone tote is AWESOME!!! Plus its under $100. I seriously love all 3 colors it comes in (blue and yellow are also awesome). I love the idea of silicone for a tote, so easy to clean!

9. The perfect color tote for summer, and its only $48!! You can't go wrong here. It comes in Ivory too. 

10. I love pops of color and tribal prints, and this bag is one that does it right. So fun and great for the beach! 

11. This bag is just gorgeous! It would be great year round, I love the embroidery. I can't believe the price too actually, normally bags like this cost upwards of $300-500!

12. This woven tote is awesome!! Great staple, will go with anything. 

13. This tote says it all in the name, you can take it everywhere! Plus, its on sale, $82 off the price!! Great deal!

12. My MUST HAVE favorite bag of the summer is this Mara Hoffman one!! I told you I loved color! I have it (see below) and have been using it like crazy, Great for the pool, beach, running errands, or weekend getaways! Its just awesome.