Florals and Lace + 10 Things

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that I don't get ready much unless it is for something specific. Working from home allows this ;) The truth is sometimes you just need a break from getting dressed up or getting ready for the day. It makes the times you do get dressed up more exciting! It’s like after having a bad hair day 3 days in a row, by the 4th day, even just a decent hair day looks amazing, right? :)

After a few days of living in no make up, sweats, and muscle tanks, I can’t wait for an occasion to get a little dressed up. This top and cigarette trousers are one of my summer all-time favorites. I love the blend of the lace and floral. Since I have a booty ;) I was kind of nervous to wear such a big print on the bottom, but I think the black balanced out the florals nice for a clean look. Adding a delicate heeled sandal finishes the understated, feminine look perfectly. 

DETAILS:  CROP TOP (UNDER $40) || CIGARETTE TROUSER (30% off of order today) || HEELS (old) Similar here || Bag (yellow is sold out, black still available and ON SALE for $12)

Today I’m starting a ’10 things’ mini series. Over the next couple weeks I’ll be sharing 10 things you didn’t about me on various topics from my career to the family to my personal life to give you a closer look at the mom behind the screen. ;)

Is blogging your full time job? 

Yes and no. I work full time on my blog but I also co-own a publicity firm,  ILY COUTURE and work full time as a publicist there as well.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

Perfect time managament. I always feel like there isn't enough time in the day to do everything I would like to do. 

Did you go to college and what did you study?

I graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2007 with a bachelors in Communications and a minor in PR. If I could give any piece of advice about college it would be study abroad! I studied in Paris, France in 2005 for 3 months and it was truly an amazing experience!

What is your nationality?

I’m a mutt :). I'm Irish and Cherokee and on my moms side and German on my dads (with a little bit on English thrown in there). I was born in a tee tiny town in Tennessee called McMinnville (if you have ever heard of the music festival Bonaroo, that area is where my hometown is). I moved to Nashville, TN when I was 7. All my family on my mom and dad's side still lives in McMinnville/Nashville or the surrounding areas, minus a couple scattered about in the Navy and me and my brother's family who are in LA/Orange County. 

If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?

I don't think I would want to know anything, I think it would just hinder me actually fulfilling my goals due to the pressure or anxiety it would cause, lol.

Do you have insecurities, if so what are they?

Um, does a bear sh*t in the woods? DUH! Of course, I am human! In my teens and 20s a lot of my insecurities stemmed from the physical aspects (body image etc) but now that I am 30 and a mom, I have seen how truly amazing my body is to have created life...so even though it's not the exact body I would want. I try not to body shame myself as much anymore and just accept how God made me. I do however have insecurities about health and overall wellness, I have a fear of diseases/cancers bc they are so prevalent in my family, so I am also insecure in my ability to take care of myself the best of my ability. I never seem to be able to eat as healthy as I would like, or workout as much as I would like. Throw trying to feed a child the best you can and it just magnifies. 

Your house catches fire, after saving your loved ones and pets, you have time to safely make a final dash to save any one item. What would it be? Why?

Pictures of course! Especially old ones. I say this because now everything is digital, its so easy to find pictures from say, the last 5 years, online. But pictures of my and my husbands families from generations before us are hard to come by. 

Best piece of advice you’ve got from someone?

I was told by a girlfriend once that "You never want to get too high with the highs or too low with the lows." which to me just means that its all about balance. And it's such a great reminder. There is always someone better off than you, so why compare or self-deprecate? And there is always someone out there that may be sick or going through something life changing, so be grateful. My mom always says "Just be glad you aren't sitting in a room at the Children's Hospital right now..." I always laugh because of the severity of that statement, but it is so true! Every moment is a gift, and my family in this moment are ALL healthy! So I try and remember to count my blessings. 

What’s an embarrassing style/hair/ or makeup habit?

I have an extraction tool and am obsessed with it. It's also my favorite part of a facial. I know its gross but there is something about getting the gunk out of my skin so it can be cleaner and breathe better that I love. 

Are you married? kids? family?

Yes, I am married and we have one son named Camden who will be 2 in September. I come from a very large family on both my mom and dad's side, and also have a family through my step-dad and step-moms side. I have an older half sister, an older brother, and 2 younger half brothers and sisters...but I grew up with all of them so consider them all "real" siblings. (if that makes sense). Then of course my husband and I have started our own family. I would love another child one day, and would prefer them being closer in age. 

I’ll be sharing more over the next couple weeks, if there is something in particular you want to know more about let me know. I love connecting with you guys and want to share more to make this a more personal space. Thanks so much for reading!