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I’m often asked for blogging tips or how-to. When trying to build a blogging business, bloggers search for ways to maximize exposure in the shortest amount of time. I get it. I, however, think traditional forms of blogging are fading and new opportunities are sprouting for influencers to develop a voice. When I first started my blog, I understood the value and importance of an active and consistent website (which is, hands down, the key ingredient to blogging), but I used my blog to supplement my online presence and marketing. These two components became the only things I used to grow my business. And it remains the same to this day (...until I launch my podcast next week! More to come).

Blogging enabled me to add more flavor to who I am as a person, not just as a publicist and marketer. Some bloggers have an easy time posting everyday, I’m not one of those people.

Writing is a discipline. I practice and blog as part of my daily workflow. I write for my clients and audience who look to this space as a place of education, inspiration and actionable wisdom…and in return this space is an opportunity for readers to share their lives, thoughts and experiences with each of us. This site has become a place where people meet, create, perform and share in a connective way. That’s precisely what I want.

With blogging can come hurdles, plateaus and just overall frustration. Even though I know, as I am sure you do, there is no perfect roadmap or secret to success. There are super simple strategies you can use, starting today, to help your blog grow into the business you've always intended it to be. It's simple solutions that help you connect in a more engaged, authentic and monetized way. 

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5 Step Cheat Sheet To Your First $1k Blogging

Blogging enabled me to add more flavor to who I am as a person, not just as a publicist and marketer. Some bloggers have an easy time posting everyday, I’m not one of those people. Julie Solomon Blogging Consultant