The Beauty Bible: Where I Save and Where I Splurge


I'm always fascinated to hear about other women's beauty philosophies - the things they're willing to spend on and where they skimp. My priorities have shifted over the years. Of course now that I a mom and 31 my beauty needs have shifted so here's a look at my current beauty breakdown.

Spend: Hair color. From about 15 year old until my early 20's, I skimped on my hair color. I was born with no hair, then super white/blonde hair until I hit puberty. In my teens I wrongly assumed that I'd get back to that shade naturally by just hanging in the sun. When that didn't happen, I used Sun-In or whatever boxed hair color was on sale. I eventually made it to a semi-salon, but it was really more of a school where people practice on you. I left with white/purple/blue-ish highlights from the over processing. So yes, getting your hair colored at a nice salon costs a lot of money, but it's worth it (I'd tell my college-aged self to spend less at fast fashion stores and more on my hair!). It's something you see everyday and if the shade doesn't look natural or complement your coloring, it's hard to feel your best. I get my hair colored at Nine Zero One Salon by Denise Bolanowski. She is awesome and a mom, so gets it! She knows that I need a blonde look without having to come in for touch ups every 4 weeks. Her technique is amazing! 

Save: Eyebrows. Aside from some questionable shapes I favored in high school (why did we all have that sperm (ew) shape on our faces!?!?!), I'm pretty good with my tweezers and prefer to do my own eyebrows, and just get a good shaping and few months. Since I am a natural blonde and part Cherokee Indian (I know you would never think that) I don't grow a lot of hair anyway, so eyebrows are an easier manage for me. 

Spend: Hair cuts. If someone gets a bad cut, it's really noticeable. I only get my hair cut about three times a year, so I'm willing to spend to make sure it has great movement and texture. I'm actually going in for a fresh chop next week and will make sure to post on Instagram! I get my hair cut by Lee Rittner, who is a master with the scissors and knows how to give the best texture to your cut! When I'm getting my hair colored Denise will also freshen my cut me up!  

Save: Blowouts. I have a few friends who get blowouts and I'll be honest: they always look incredible (hi, Angela, Sheridan, and Jessica). They're the ones who never seem to have to put their hair up in a messy topknot because it's oily/frizzy/flat and they are so put together all the time. I love going for an easy $30-40 blowout as it will last you a couple of days and just make you feel better all around! 

Save: Waxing. There are some really beautiful waxing salons in L.A., but I've never been inside of one. Mine has makeshift walls, and I'm in and out in twelve minutes and it's great. My take is this: if I'm getting a Brazilian wax, I'm going to be fairly miserable regardless if I'm in some fancy spot, sipping cucumber water, or sprawled out on a bench with paper thrown on top. Just get in and get out is my motto for this! 

Save: Nails. Some of these nail salons that are charging $50+ for a manicure must be inhaling too much of their remover fumes! I am all about well groomed hands and feet, but won't spending a lot on it. It's another in and out service for me, as I have to get a new mani/pedi every other week or so anyway. I don't want it costing an arm and a leg. 

Save: Massages. I LOOOOVE a massage! Seriously, I have this (kinda gross) joke that I would let a homeless man rub my back. Although I would never, lol, it just goes to show how much I love a good massage. Luckily, LA is packed with amazing Thai massage and Pampered Foot spots where you can get an amazing 60 min deep tissue massage for $30-40! 

Spend and Save: Facials. Now that I am in my 30s, and I have melanoma in my family, I try to see my facialist every 8-12 weeks, for a good deep chemical peel which is more of a spend. If I need something in between that, I'll go to another asian spa and get a great basic facial with extractions for about $40, which is a better save. I see Aina at Dr. Rubenstein's office, and also love Dr. Diaz office for Hydra facials! Another amazing place for facials in LA is Kate Somerville! I've been once and will definitely go back when I have a budget to treat myself. 

Below are some of my save and splurge beauty staples of the season! 

I'd love to know: what are the areas you splurge and skimp on when it comes to beauty? Up later this week, I will be sharing a new video of my top skincare tips!