Baby Room to Toddler Room Transition : Tips and Tricks

Hey everyone! So, the time has come—my little baby isn’t quite so “little” anymore. Yep, I'm officially raising a toddler. And one of the things that comes along with raising a toddler is helping them carve out some living quarters within the home that are all their own. 

When it comes to Camden's bedroom, I am all about the budget! For our family, investing a ton of money in a toddler's room just isn't feasbale. Since he will be a big kid as quickly as he became a toddler, and will need a slew of other kid friendly items that will then cost for another room makeover. With this said, I wanted to offer some quick, easy and AFFORDABLE tips to help your baby evolve and grow as a toddler in the comfort of their own room. 

Above anything else, I want our kid’s room to feel like our kid, with lots of personal touches of things he loves—like trains, cars and baseballs —and a not-too-grown-up feel (they can save that for their own house). Here, I’ve pulled a few handfuls of images to inspire and tips to takeaway as you and your toddler consider their ever evolving space. :)

Create A Creative Space: I found this great small table that fit in this nook perfectly. It's great as the markers wash off easy, and the size is great for his height. He can paint, draw, read and color here. It was also super easy to put together, I did it myself (I know right!) it about 30 mins! 

Cubes Are A Mother's Best Friend: I also found this great cube organizer (and also put it together myself in under 45 mins!). I ordered these bins to go in the shelves to help with organization and a pop of color. 


Add Color And Texture With Fun Prints: I got these prints from Scarlet & Gold and love how they bring inspiration and animals into my sons room. I love the bible verse, as well as teaching him the names of the different animals. I also like the fact they are gilded, it gives a nice clean touch. 

Get On Their Level: I knew it was important to organize in a way that was efficient and user friendly for Camden. That is why I decided to lay the cube organizer on the floor instead of standing up right. They way, he can reach and grab everything he needs. 

Comfort is Key: Make sure their room is a reflection of freedom, creativity and exploration. The more they they feel it is theirs, the more comfortable they will be utilizing their room for discovery and learning. 

Leave the Attachment at the Door: If there is anything you don't want broken, torn or ruined, then either place it high enough to where it is out of your toddlers reach, or just opt to leave it out of the room altogether. I make sure keep sakes are stored properly.