Bath Time Essentials

It may be the same in your home - bath time in our home equals daddy time. It was something that Johnathon adopted early on, and it has grown into something awesome for him and Camden. Plus, there is nothing cuter than seeing your baby splashing in the bath with your husband. But bath time has benefits beyond the rubber ducky and bubbles. Bath time equals bonding time, a chance for you to relax with your child, de-stress and have fun together (without all of life’s interruptions!) It’s also a time to introduce your child to a world of sensory experiences. Below are some benefits that we have found:

Bath time boosts the daddy-baby bond: When it comes to bath time, my husband and son now have a deep connection. It has built care, trust, love and support between them. It gives them the crucial time that is needed to bond, without mommy.

Bath time is a learning experience: There are so many benefits to bath time other than smelling like an angel baby. Just seeing the water splash and hearing the faucet is helping your child connect and grow many of their senses, including sight, sound, touch, and taste. It also lets you explore the concept of cause and effect by showing your child how to kick the water and create a splash. You can also give a play-by-play as you wash your baby— naming their heads, shoulder, knees and toes as you wash away the day!

Bath time is a soother: There is nothing more calming and comforting than a bath. My child, like most, finds the bath extremely soothing. It’s a good time to show your baby that water is a safe environment, and to start getting them comfortable with the idea of water while prepping for future swim lessons!

Bath time equals zzzz: Bath time is also a sleep inducer. It’s a great addition to their bedtime routine and will get them in the mood to count sheep.

Check out these must-have bathing products to make tub time one step easier (and more enjoyable.)

Primo Eurobath: I love this bathtub! I love that it grows with your child. One side is reclined for infants and the other side is molded to support them when they can sit up. If you have kids close in age (an infant and toddler) they could use it together! They have enough room to play, but not enough to be potentially dangerous.

Puj Flyte Compact Infant Bath: This tub is awesome if you are a family who travels a lot for extended periods of time. This is a portable tub that folds compact and fits into any big or small sink.

4moms Sprout Cover: Want to test the water and make sure it’s safe for your baby? This sprout cover lets you do just that. It has a color-coded temperature display, and fits most standard faucets. It’s great to use if your faucet tends to get super hot or super cold fast.

Skip Hop Moby Bath Kneeler: This one has been a bruise and ache saver on the knees! It has a non-slip backing and ultra-cushiony padding to lean on.  This has been by far one of my favorite bath essentials.

Sea Creature Bath Squirters:  Camden LOVES these little toys. The colors are bright, and each animal is different, so it’s a great learning experience. This set includes eight different nontoxic, phthalate-free critters and comes in a vinyl bag that is safe for the bath water.

Swaddle Designs Baby Organic Washcloth: When Camden was first born, I had gotten a few washcloth and towels, but they just didn’t work well. They were thin, did not absorb water, and felt like cardboard. I wanted to find washcloths and towels that were super soft and absorbent. Swaddle Designs has great options. Their washcloth and hooded towel sets are thick, hold up in the wash/dryer and are so soft!

Mustela Bath Products: These are by far my favorite bath products. Mustela smells THE BEST, and their variety of products hold up to great standards. Plus, its Paraben-Free, Hypoallergenic, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free! I got the newborn kit as a baby shower gift and still haven’t gone through it all. This stuff lasts a long time!

What is your favorite experience during bath time? What are you must have bath essentials? Would love to hear your feedback!

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