Best Baby Shoes (For Baby's Who Hate Wearing Shoes)

Baby shoes: They’re so damn cute, but can also be so damn hard to convince your mini to wear them. At least, that’s been the case with my son Camden. But now that we is walking, and the cooler months are approaching, I kicked into high research gear to find shoes that are practical, comfortable and stylish. I've recently been relieved to find a handful of styles that are easy to wrestle Camden's big foot into, and are also pleasing to the eye.


First up is the traditional white high top walking shoe by Stride Rite. If you're anything like me, you will immediately protest these shoes (as I did when my mom bought them for Camden) because they look like your baby is wearing the same shoes as a nursing home aid/orderly. In reality though, my mom was right! These are MUST HAVES for the beginning stages of walking. The high top protection allows amazing support around the ankle and feet. Plus, the white color does pay homage to the 50's, which is a nice throwback to a traditional baby style. I have to admit, I do they they are cute on his feet!  Stride Rite Grayson Shoe, $42.00

Then there are the slip-on moccasin-like styles, made famous by Freshly Picked, a much-Instagrammed brand that makes the most gorgeous pairs in every color under the sun. My other favorite, albeit less boho rendition, is by Momo Baby, which has a huge selection of "soft soles" embellished with all kind of style and colors. They stretch open nice and wide so they’re painless to put on wiggling, kicking feet.
Freshly Picked Moccasins, $60
Momo Baby Soft Sole Leather Loafer, $13.00

For a shoe that is less moccasin but still stretchy, look no further than Robeez. Their style still call for amazing support, but do get your child ready for a more traditional shoe wear and look. Plus, they have fabulous cowgirl boots, which...let's be honest...every girl needs a good pair of cowboy boots in her closet!  Robeez Charming Charles, $20.41; Robeez Cowgirl Bootie, $38

Once your tot is ready to transition to something with straps and buckles, it’s important to find non-scratchy options. Bobux produces a wide array of sturdy, comfy styles, and we’ve had great success with this sandal as a starter shoe.
Bobux I-Walk Sandal, $64.95

Okay, these are my favorites, now I’d love to hear yours in the comments below. Any mothers of picky babies who’d care to share?