Best Indoor Toys For The Cold Months

It's winter, it's cold. So if you are a mom with a toddler, that leaves a lot of imagination for indoor play on your part. Has cabin fever hit your home? Beat the indoor stir-crazies with toys that get kids moving and grooving...all the way to a nap! Below are my top 7 toys for all the indoor fun.

A) This sports center features a soccer net and basketball hoop for a fun 2-in-1 play experience. It's got fun LED lights too that keeps score.

B) This slide keeps my kid company pretty much all day if I would let him. He LOVES this thing. Its not super bulky so can fit nice inside and has a nice slide to it so they don't get stuck midway down.

C) Bowl-a- Rama has never been so fun. A great and easy activity for inside that not only helps them learn the basics of bowling, but also keeps them active with the placing the pins back up every time.

D) This guitar is a perfect choice because its light enough for you toddler to hold/carry around, plus the songs don't immediately make mom want to bang her head against a wall ;) It gives a nice little homage to the beloved Sesame Street

E) I can't tell you how many times this starter lego kit has been a life saver over the colder/rainy months. This is Camden's favorite of all favorites indoor activity. He loves to build and layer and I can see that he is absorbing so much in his sensory development.

F) Nothing will make your toddler laugh (or nap!) longer than this starter trampoline kit. Camden loves this and will bounce to exhaustion. This is a nice one to burn off some energy if the weather has kept you in for days at a time.

G) For a fun, safe and cute addition to a bedroom or playroom, check out the dragon rock and play. Camden not only rocks on this but uses the animal as a play toy as well.

What are some of your favorite indoor toys for kids? Would love to hear from you on any tips you can share!