Cutest Luggage (for Kids)

When it comes to children’s luggage, I have to admit, the offerings are pretty dismal. Now that my son is a toddler, it is time for him to have his own backpacks/luggages etc for travel and playdates. But, I have been pretty underhwlemed this summer trying to find some great alternatives to the massive suitcase I've been lugging around for his +my things these last 2 years. But, before you throw up your hands and buy a Frozen bag, I’ve culled what I think are the least cringe-worthy, cream of the (sparse) crop online to help you out during your travels and transition out of the diaper bags! From cool camos for your tween to playful monkey bags for your tot, here are the least offensive roller bags on the market that the kids will love and that’ll hopefully leave you with one less airport-bound headache. Scroll and click below to your poison! Also, CLICK HERE to find my tips for traveling with children.