Earth Day Celebration + 7 Benefits of Coconut Water

Happy Earth Day everyone!!! I have always enjoyed celebrating Earth Day. Not only is a great time to be grateful for this beautiful planet we live on, but its always a REAL reminder of what we need to do to take care of our planet. There are always little ways to give back, even if its teaching our little ones the importance of loving and taking care of mother Earth! For something that gives so much, its always important to remember to not always take, take, take. One of my favorite things on this planet is the coconut. It is a POWERFUl super food, and is one of those natural resources that can be used for so much. It can be ingested, digested, used topically, medically, even intravenously (Since it is isotonic to human plasma, coconut water can be used in extreme emergencies to quickly rehydrate the human body if administered intravenously. It is not uncommon for the drink to be used in poorer, third-world countries to save human lives!)...there isn't much that you can't do with a coconut.

Another (nerdy) thing that I love about coconuts is that they can be classified as a nut, seed and fruit all at the same time (although it is actually from the drupe family). At the end of the day, I love a coconut even more because of how much my son loves them!

Coconut water is a very refreshing drink to beat the summer thirst. Its liquid is packed with simple sugars, electrolytes, and minerals to replenish dehydration conditions inside the human body. Coconut water has more electrolytes in it then commercial sports drinks (and is a NATURAL source of electrolytes) and over 600mg of potassium in 1 cup. Compared to typical sports drinks, coconut water has fewer calories, less sodium and higher amounts of potassium! It's super low in calories, and aids in digestion/weight loss, clears the skin, boosts hydration, lowers blood pressure, contains copper, cytokinins, and packed with antioxidants! I could go on and on :) So on this beautiful, grateful, Earth Day, thank your planet for all the good we have, be mindful of ways we can take care of our planet better, and celebrate with a gorgeous coconut water!