Fathers Day Gift Guide

I was really kind of shocked to see the lack of Father’s Day gift ideas compared to the over flowing amount of ideas I came across for Mother's Day. It really made me sad that Father’s Day was being eclipsed by Mother’s Day, but then I thought that might be going a bit over board. Maybe it's because I love to celebrate people; be it birthdays, holidays etc. And, when it comes to my favorite person in the world (my husband Johnathon), he is no exception! Plus, this being his very first Father's Day, I am super charged to make the celebration that more special. Johnathon made my first Mother's Day an incredible one, so I hope to return the favor. Celebrating my loved ones is a big way that I like to show and spread love. I figured the best way to help shine a bigger light on Father’s Day is to spread the few gift ideas I did come across.

Johnathon is quite the workout rat, and spends a good amount of time in gym clothes. His favorite brands are Under Armour, Nike and Oakley. If you're husband is like mine, he will love these for his indoor or outdoor workouts.

Bose SIE2 Headphones

One thing we love to do after a long day is catch up and reconnect with a our favorite wine or cocktail. Our favorites usually include a fabulous bottle of Axios California Cabernet (the 07 and 08 are truly one of the best bottles of California Cabernet, ever...and that's a very bold statement coming from me!), or a Vodka concoction. The whiskey rocks and copper cup are great for keeping cocktails cool, without getting watered down. Since my husband is a die hard Baltimore boy, I added the state coasters for an homage to his hometown.

SPARQ Whiskey Rocks

My husband does 2 things almost weekly - travels on a plane, and shaves. Having a great shave kit to go is essential for his travels and hotel stays.

Jack Black Travel Trip Travel Set

Of course I couldn't leave out sports! Whether its baseball, football or anything that involves friendly competition, my husband is all about it. You will most likely find us here on Father's Day :) Maybe tickets to your husband's favorite past time is a good gift idea?

LA Dodgers Hat


What are some of your Father's Day Gift ideas? Any fun trips planned?