How To: Banana nICE Cream

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know this "nicecream" is a weekly staple in my house.  My child loves it, my husband loves it, and its the easies thing in the world to make! You literally need 2 things, a frozen banana and a food processor/blender. That's it! I love nicecream because it is a great alternative to the high fat, sugary and processed ice creams on the market. It's vegan, dairy free, all natural and I never feel guilty after eating an entire bowl of it! Of course, you can always make life simple and just buy a healthier version of ice cream at the store, but nothing will come as close to tasting as good as a blended banana does! Plus, its beyond simple as well! It's probably takes longer to scoop out ice cream out of your favorite pint than it does to make this! 

Truly, the texture is to die for! It's really is like eating ice cream, especially if you add your favorite toppings! To see how to make this dessert, read below! 

Photos By Valorie Darling

Take 1-2 banana, PEEL THEM, and freeze them overnight or for up to about 2 hours. Gather your favorite toppings and sat aside. Once banana is frozen, put in food processor or blended and blend until creamy and smooth. You don't want it chunky, and you don't want to runny. You want a thick malt shake like consistency. 

With the help of a cute toddler, spoon out nice cream with a spatula, and start adding your favorite toppings! Today we chose blueberries, cinnamon and coconut flakes! 

Layer your toppings, and enjoy!! If you make this PLEASE share and let me know! Would love to know what kind of toppings you use and how your family likes it!