How To: Delicious Babyfood Using Beaba BabycookPro!

I truly hope I'm not the only person out there that became a little intimidated by their baby food maker. I know, right... just reading that makes me realize what a complete dingbat I probably sound like. But, if we are being honest here, I have to admit that I was initially overwhelmed. I kept thinking to myself, "What happened to the good ole' stove and pot?", "Can someone please explain to me, yet again, why I can't use a microwave (are you sure... like completely totally sure?!?!)". Once I got over the food maker panophobia, I quickly realized how amazing this thing really is. I started answering my own questions... "what happened to the good ole' stove and pot?" - um it's been left in past because this new thing is by far more efficient in making baby food than a stove and pot could ever be (thank you technology!). "Can someone please explain to me, yet again, why I can't you a microwave" - stop being lazy Julie, you know the microwave zaps all nutrition out of the food, and that completely defeats the purpose.

So, now that I got that out of the way, I started using the BabycookPro weekly and truly love it. You can check out my original post of the BabycookPro and its benefits here, but since I've been getting a lot of questions about how (specifically) I use this and what I cook, I thought doing a 5 easy step demo would be a fun way to share!

Step 1: Get your food ready and prepped to cook. Today I cooked organic sweet potato, pear and apple.

Step 2: Plug in cooker and add water to line as instructed from directions (amount of water you add to the cooker will vary depending on what you are cooking). Next, chop your food and add to BPA free cooking container.

Step 3: Snap the containers in place and push the steam button. Drink a green juice and check some emails while it steams food for you!

Step 4: Once food is done cooking (you will know because the cooker automatically turns off when finished) turn the knob to the right to puree your food.

Step 5: Let cool, and let your baby enjoy! If you have leftovers, or want to freeze food for later, you can use one of the Beaba MultiPortion Freezer trays that hold 7 portions of  1/4 cups.

To check out the Babycook Pro food makers click here and here. For the multiportion freezer trays click here. For more information of this cooker, click here.

What is your secret to making easy and quick food for your baby? Would love to hear your ideas!