How to: DIY Blackout Curtains (for babyroom)

Last week my 10-month-old son, Camden, started waking up from naps early, wouldn’t go as easy and would be fussy throughout sleeping. I quickly realized that, with longer days, the sun was starting to really come through his room and kept him from getting good rest. I love the curtains I had in there, and didn’t want to buy a new set as we are in the process of selling the house/buying a new house so want to keep costs down. I thought a good way to remedy the situation and be cost effective in the process was to make my own blackout curtains.

I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, so knew I had to figure out a way to make this work without the use of sewing. After a bit of research I found fabric adhesive that can be used with an iron. I was able to iron on the blackout curtains (which I bought off Amazon) using the adhesive and it worked out like a gem! See below for a step-by-step process:

BEFORE: Light coming in = no sleep for baby

Step 1: Lay your curtain out on the floor while iron is heating. Collect the materials your need (fabric adhesive, scissors and iron).

Step 2: Measure adhesive strip along the back of the curtain (I used the seam as a guide), then cut at the ends. Do the same on the sides of the curtain

Step 3: Lay blackout curtain on top of adhesive strip, make sure it lines up evenly.

Step 4: Iron over the blackout curtain. Allow 15 seconds on each section for adhesive to stick. Do the same for the sides.  Do this step twice.


Step 5: Flip curtain over to the front and repeat step 4 twice.


Step 6: Let sit for 5 minutes, then check the adhesive.

Step 7: Hang curtains up


No light = restful sleep