How to Get In To New York Fashion Week + Contact Lists for Shows, Hotels and More


Last fall, I received an email from one of my amazing students and fellow bloggers Peyton Baxter asking if I could share my experience and knowledge on getting into shows at New York Fashion Week, finding the contacts to pitch for invites, what she should say in her pitch and overall making the most of this week long event. I quickly wrote her back, shared some feedback and asked her if these questions were frequent and common for bloggers/influencers attending or wanting to attend NYFW. 

I quickly realized that, while NYFW seems so straightforward and accessible to some, a lot of bloggers aren’t sure how this fantastic week works. Before I started, I lived in New York City and was (and still am) a publicist for a lot of lifestyle clients. Living and working in NYC meant I spent years attending the shows as well as pitching my clients and artists for attendance. NYFW is something I have been doing now for a decade! (Lordy I am old ;) 

I know how to get into shows as someone in the industry as well as all the steps you need to take to make sure you have the right contacts and pitching yourself in the right way.

But, I have also gone to fashion week as a blogger, and I must say, attending as a blogger is entirely different!

For example, someone in the industry is invited to shows without having to do much pitching. Industry insiders spend years cultivating the relationships and have the right contacts. 

But for so many bloggers (especially those who have never been), there is a lot of prep work and wrangling that goes into NYFW. And really, there is a lot of relationships and contacts many bloggers may not have. 

I knew I needed to do something to make this process clear, accessible and painless for my fellow bloggers. After all, what's the point of being an industry insider for all these years if I don't help those who need it the most! :) 

So here I am, sharing all insider industry secrets to make NYFW work for you! 

NO MORE ASKING "How do I get into shows?", "How do I contact the brand?" or "Where do I find the RIGHT contact?" -- because I have done all the work for you!

I've created "NYFW Fashion Week: The Insiders Guide to How to Get Into NYFW + Contact Lists for Shows, Hotels and More".

This guidebook shows you exactly how to get into NYFW. How to pitch hotels for collaborations, email templates you can use to pitch yourself to get in (the same emails I've used in season's past to confirm attendance to shows), who you should take meetings with while you are there, and all the contacts you need! It's everything you need and more! 


To gain access to the Insiders Guidebook to NYFW, CLICK HERE



Before You Go, You Must Know These Essential Steps...

1) Planning: Hotel Confirmations/ Wish List / Invite Requests / Scheduling

NYFW takes preparation, especially if you trying to attract collaborations while you are there. I would highly recommend pitching hotels at least 4-8 weeks in advance. What I mean by a collaboration is reaching out to a handful of hotels asking if they will comp your stay for a certain number of days in exchange for social media/blog promotion. If this is something you want to do and you haven't already - you need to start now! If you want to know what hotels you should pitch, their contact information, and what you should say in your email, click here. 

About a month or so before the shows you’ll want to create your wish list of the shows you want to pitch for attendance using the official NYFW calendar. The official NYFW schedule is found in the guidebook

Something else to note about NYFW; attendance confirmations work on a short lead time. Meaning, the 2 to 4 weeks leading up to Day 1 of NYFW are the most vital regarding getting into shows. You need preparation, so you don't miss this window. You need to make sure you have all the contacts you need ready to go. Don't have the contacts yet? Don't worry, I have ya covered! 

Once you start pitching your wish list using the pitch templates I provide you in the guidebook, you can also use the pitch report in the guidebook to keep your pitching feedback, confirmations and details all organized in one form.

2) Follow up / Schedule Meetings/ Have Prep Materials in Place

Don't forget to follow up! Every single pitch you send should get a follow-up email if you haven't heard back. Make sure to use the follow-up template along with my "best practices" for following up, found in the guidebook. 

Once you start confirming your schedule, make sure to use the Fashion Week Itinerary Template included in the guidebook to keep you organized for your week. Extra Tip: Download it to your phone, so you have it with you all week! 

Use this time to download the Fashion GPS app. Make sure to read the Fashion GPS "How To" found in the guidebook for clear directions on how to use this throughout your week.  

Use this time to download the Fashion GPS app. Make sure to read the Fashion GPS "How To" found in the guidebook for clear directions on how to use this throughout your week.  

Another super important component to Fashion Week is scheduling showroom appointments or meetings with brands. Brands include the brands directly, or the PR agencies that represent the brands. This is an excellent way to make face time with brands you love and get to know each other on a personal level. Plus, it's these meetings, more so than a front row seat at a fashion show, which leads to long term growth and relationships. It's this opportunity for face time that can lead to future brand deals! Make sure to use the pitch template and contact list included in the guidebook that covers how to pitch, who to pitch and 'extra tips' to stand out during your meeting.

3) Pack and Prep
The week before you leave you need to get your ducks in a row. Start picking out your outfits for the week, or start scheduling your fittings if you're attending a show that has confirmed you for fitting. (If you wan to know how to get fitted for a fashion show you are attending, then check out the guidebook!) Make sure to look at the weather forecast, so you are prepared.  You will also want to confirm your hotel reservation, your travel accommodations, and make sure your show itinerary, +1's if you have them for the shows, and meetings are approved and all organized in the itinerary found in the guidebook. It is extremely common to receive ticket invites to shows up until the day of, so it's beneficial and handy to use the itinerary found in the guidebook to make sure that you don't overlook anything.

4) Own That City and HAVE FUN!!! 

Make sure you remember to check out some of the fun parties and events happening in and around NYFW. Lot's of great brands put on a lot of activities during the week that is great for networking. To see some of my favorites, as well as their contacts and how to email them, check out in the guidebook. Have fun! Set up brunch, lunch, and dinner reservations with your friends/fellow bloggers while in town. Especially if you never get to see them. The best restaurants book fast during this week, so plan out fun gathering before landing in the city. I was just in NYC last week. Below, I've listed a few new and most "Instagram worthy" restaurants in the city that you MUST try while you are there!

La Mangeoire  / While We Were Young / 33 Greenwich / Augustine / Jane / Tree Bristro / Luzzos

Use this week to soak up every moment, be grateful for your time there and OWN THAT CITY! I am so excited for you and glad I can come along your trip with you via the guidebook! 


Click Here for Access to the Insiders Guidebook to NYFW


Have you ever been to fashion week?  How did you navigate you week? Any advice to share with us? Please leave your comments and thoughts below.

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