How To : Holiday Travel Packing With Kids

Holidays are literally around the corner, which means for most of us, travels are commencing. Travel planning is always hectic, but with a baby (or a few) in tow in can be pure madness. Since my husband and I are both from the east coast, we know a thing or two about traveling cross country with bags, baby and dogs! Whether you’re going on a family vacation, have a long day ahead in the car, or are packing the kids up for a holiday filled weekend, it’s important to make sure your bag is stocked with all of the essentials your child needs. Click through this tried and true handy packing guide below to help make prep time a painless process, so you can focus on keeping them happy and healthy during your travels.

The Bag

First and foremost, you need a good travel bag. I recommend a large, water-resistant one. I am a big fan of "compartments within compartments", so one with several compartments to keep belongings organized and easy to find in a flash is a must. It's also important for the bag to have have both hand straps and a shoulder strap for comfort while carrying. While your other travel suitcases can be stored in the truck when on the road, your child's belongings need to be handy at all times incase hunger strikes, or you need to make a quick diaper change, during transit. A soft bag will be easy to fit into the backseat or airplane for easy access. I do not leave my home without Herschel Supply Co. Novel Bag.


- Diapers. You can always buy some while on the road, but you should have at least five on you at all times

- A full pack of wipes, for changes and dirty hands.

- Diaper cream and Calendula

- Baby wash.

- Toothbrush and toothpaste.

- ColdCalm, teething tablets, or other medicine in case of cold or fever.

- Sunscreen if you are going somewhere sunny

Toys and Blankets

- Pack two blankets—a lightweight one and a heavy one.

- Take along some treasured toys and lovies (stuffed animals) that will make your little one feel at home, while away from home.

- Bring favorite story books for a regular bedtime routine.

Food And Snacks

- Pack healthy snacks that are good for travel: Cut-up apples, string cheese, granola bars, raisins, travel packs of almond butter, crackers, or squeezable baby foods, like GoGo squeeZ.

- Bring plenty of water/liquids to keep kids hydrated during travels.

- Emergency treats, aka tantrum controllers, are always a good idea. Nutella to go pack, yogurt covered pretzel, arrowroot cookies, and fruit leather usually do the trick.


Keeping things neat and organized is key to any successful packing job. Separate similar items into compartments and use baggies like Itzy Ritzy for food in case of leakage. Also, pack a dirty clothes bag to keep soiled clothes separate from those that are unworn.