How To: Homemade Body Butter: Ultimate Weapon Against Stretch Marks

I remember when being pregnant the causes and concerns of stretch marks were a major conversation among my mom friends and me. I mean let's face it, stretch marks are one of the least fun parts about being pregnant, and if you’re like me, you’ll go to great lengths to prevent them! While there are a lot of great products on the market, nothing else compares to this amazing homemade body butter concoction I used while I was pregnant. Not only is this a miracle worker, it's more cost effective than most high end/over priced lotions. This makes roughly 64 ounces of body butter, so will last a long time!  TMI ALERT: I slathered this stuff all over my body twice a day and never got a single stretch mark on my stomach, boobs, hips or bottom during my pregnancy. I got a few small marks around my upper inner thigh area when I reach the third trimester. I continued to use this butter after my pregnancy, and at 8 weeks postpartum, those marks disappeared. No joke! Another perk, you can start using this to nourish your skin even before there’s a bun in the oven! I still use it daily and feel it's my secret weapon to soft, nourished and stretch mark free skin.

1 jar of organic coconut oil
1 container of organic cocoa butter and 1 container of organic Shea butter
2 oz. of Egyptian Magic
1 small bottle of 400 IU + of Vitamin E oil

Place all ingredients except for the Vitamin E in a pot of boiling water in their separate containers (I scoop both butters and eyptian magic together in one glass container...see below for a picture), letting them melt (the cocoa butter will take the longest). After everything is melted, pour into a large 1/2 gallon mason jar and mix together with the Vitamin E. Store in the refrigerator or another cool place for a few hours until butter is solid and cooled.


To Apply:
After a bath or shower, take a palm full of body butter an apply all over body. Tip: Leave your skin a little damp, the moisture will help the butter absorb better. Little bit goes a long way with the butter.

What are your favorite homemade beauty remedies?