How to Make Money on Instagram

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I recently asked to my social media community “What is the #1 issue/challenge as a social media influencer that you are facing”, and the most common answer was MONETIZING.

We all want more income, especially when so many of us are devoting more and more time into blogs, social media accounts, and influencer marketing.  I get it. 

But, in order to get what we want, we must change what we’re currently doing to make room for new ways of attracting what we want.  So what does this look like?  Let’s chat about three ways to make this happen:

You have to network, engage and then convert.


A super simple way to network on social media is letting your bio do it for you…at least in the beginning. Use your bio as your connector, your “wingman”, your virtual assistant that introduces you to potential new followers and collaborators. Your bio needs to answer the question “What do I gain from following you?” What’s in it for potential new followers if they join your tribe? Why do they want to hit the follow button and become a potential customer or client? What are you going to help them with? What problem are you solving or service are you offering? How are you going to make their lives better or more purposeful? If you’re a product-based business, followers expect to be “sold” more. Whereas, if you are an individual, its best to come across natural and conversational.

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You want to make sure you always tell a story instead of selling to your followers like an online catalog every time they come to your feed. Creating a story, sharing information, tidbits of wisdom, vulnerable moments --- these are all ways in which we connect and relate with one another.

When you are creating and sharing a service, like educational tips or fashion/lifestyle tips (yes…fashion and lifestyle blogs should be just as much of a service as they are a sale) we want to learn from you and be inspired by you, and then that makes us hungry for more content – which will lead to networking over to your blog and other platforms.


We want to use our captions to sell creatively, without sounding like a billboard ad. Instead of “Loving my new shirt, it is half off and comes in 3 colors” turn that into “I was feeling like my closet was a getting a little too drab and dark. Anyone ever feel this way? Perhaps its seasonal depression, lol, which is why I was happy to find this shirt came in 3 colors and didn’t break my bank!”

That way you are selling subtly while still creating a community and conversation. 

If you are someone who is selling a lot on your social media, meaning, every post you upload has an affiliate link attached or a sales call to action, you want to make sure that you are giving twice as much. I like to think of it like this – for every time to “ask” your followers to buy something of yours, you want to make sure you are giving 3x of regular content with no sales strings attached.

You want to Give, and Give, and GIVE…THEN ask.

The same goes with making sure that every post isn’t a paid collaboration. This may sound counter productive when you are trying to make money from your social media accounts. But, constantly selling someone lessens the authenticity of your engagement. Engagement is the ability to hold the attention of an individual or to attract the individual to participate in some sort of activity. The activity you are trying to attract is not your sales, but your trust and loyalty.  This is what builds a tribe, this is what builds a movement, this is what builds a long term career as an influencer, this is what sets you apart from the massively saturated market of influencers, this is what turns $50,000 a year influencer careers into $300,000 a year careers. If you want to make long term, real profits in this business, you have to engage in a way that builds trust and loyalty, which in turn turns to profits and makes your social media account truly unique, not better, then everyone else. If your captions always look like a catalog sales page, then you’ll lose your audience and your chance to grow.


You always want to make sure your URL is going to some kind of opt-in (some place where they are going to give you their email), a sale, a direct link to buy something OR another place you are selling something  (another platform, podcast, YouTube channel etc).

PRO Tip: If you’re not sending them to an opt-in, then you should use this conversion opportunity to give them something for free. (Remember, we have to give, give, give).

This could be a free worksheet (like the one below), or some kind of “freebie” coupon or discount code, or free link to a webinar --which eventually leads to sales. The big ticket here is that you are building your newsletter list with the opt-ins, which is going to allow for your to grow your consumer base to blast to when it's time to sell something in the future. 

Download the worksheet below for 2 easy steps to network on social media, as well as step by step guide to engage your captions, so they covert for you!   

How do you monetize on social media? What have you found that works well, and what have you fund that doesn't? Any advice to share with us? Please leave your comments and thoughts below by clicking the "comment" button at the bottom left. 

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How To Make Money On Instagram And A Free Worksheet by Julie Solomon Publicist