It's Time To Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Mega Business...

So I have to admit, I’ve held off a lonnnnng time on this one. Longer than I probably should’ve. Longer than was probably fair to you. But after nearly 3 years of testing and perfecting my work as a blogger and branding & publicity expert, I’m finally ready to step up and show you:

Introducing my free masterclass, Pitch It Perfect

If you’ve been in the influencer, blogger or online brand space for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that brand deals and influencer collaborations are big business.

You’ve been told over and over again that it’s a quickly-growing 100+ billion dollar industry.

And you’ve been pitched training after training, worksheet after video course, each promising to "unlock the secret" to profitable blogging, and teach you how you can build your own blog and generate a ton of money in brand collaborations and engagement.

But if you’ve paid realllllllly close attention, then you’ve probably also realized that the big breakthrough success stories that those experts keep promising are actually quite rare.

And that most of the bloggers that DO generate 6 or 7 figures *on demand* aren’t the ones built by budding influencers like us…but are simply re-brands of long-cemented blockbusters from industry and affiliated vets like Aimee Song, Sincerely Jules, Chiara Ferragni, etc.

So clearly there’s a disconnect. And for influencers like us who’ve been sold the dream (yet sold short on the implementation and results)...

I’m determined to help you solve it. 

And after 3 years of researching, testing, and strategizing my own blog, using my brand management and publicity expertise, not only did I PINPOINT a few key reasons why most bloggers stagnate. But I also reverse-engineered the biggest lessons learned from some my own successful blog and brand campaigns (that have served over 50 brands while generating over $250K in revenue), and channeled those hard-fought lessons that will guide you through:

  • The 2 Must-Haves Brands Look for in Influencers

  • How to (EFFECTIVELY) Negotiate a Brand Deal to Make Thousands of Dollars, TODAY

  • How to Generate Your Rates and What You Must Include in Your Rate Sheet

  • Exactly How To Formulate a Killer Elevator Pitch

  • 3 Monetizing Essentials to Include in your Press Kit

  • Two Super Simple Techniques You Should ALWAYS Do in a Negotiation

  • The One Fail Proof Secret to Getting an Email Response FAST

  • The 3 Key Ingredients of a 6 or 7-Figure Blog Career that creates leverage, expands your ripple of impact, and generates steady and predictable income for years!

So if you’ve been burnt before or have just feel really lost in your blogging game for a while now, or you’ve been waiting on the sidelines for a comprehensive, step-by-step guidance to drop into your inbox. 

Whether you’re a blogger or influencer of ANY kind, owning your own online business is a game changer that can have a dramatic effect on your income and engagement.

It’s the biggest key to leveraging your efforts and stepping out of the time-for-money trap that so many influencers get stuck in (and rarely escape.)

And if you’ve waited for the right time to take that very first step, then I can’t wait to reward your patience with the training that will set you and your brand up in an amazing new direction.