I've Been Keeping A Little Secret

Today is a very special day over at the Julie Solomon headquarters! It’s actually a day I’ve been counting down to over the last few months with my team and it’s finally here! You see, the reason today is so special is because we’re announcing a little something called the ‘Uplevel Your Pitch Email Challenge’! And want to know who it was created for? YOU, my friend. 

The Uplevel Your Pitch Email Challenge was created out of the struggles I’ve seen influencers face, and heck, the struggles I went through myself when starting out. It’s a challenge to get you involved and to improve your business...and the best part? (OK, actually there are two really cool parts…) It’s FREE and it’s quick - 5 days to be exact. Totally doable, even with the busiest schedule, right? Right.

So what does this challenge include and how will it help you? I thought you’d never ask!

The Uplevel Your Pitch Email Challenge runs from April 2-April 7th and consists of a new email and video straight to your inbox for five days straight. In those video lessons, I’ll be teaching you the 5 simple strategies I use to book brand collabs, negotiate deals & monetize platforms for influencers, bloggers, and my own 6-figure business! You’ll walk away with education behind creating your personal elevator pitch (in a non-awkward and authentic way), what to include in a pitch, how much you can charge (yes, charge, even with a small following), and the 2 things your feed MUST have to land collabs and brand partnerships. Plus, so much more exclusive content, created just for you and this challenge. 

You’ll leave each lesson with tactical tips on how to improve your influence THAT SAME DAY, so get ready to work, people! You’ll also have access to a secret Facebook group and community with others joining in on this challenge, homework for added accountability, unlimited access to the videos, and a serious dose of brand confidence. Plus, there’s a little after-party masterclass and Q+A with yours truly so we can discuss any lingering questions you may have. Yes, still for free!

I’m beyond honored to kick this challenge off and work with you through the struggles of being an influencer. I’ve been there, but I’m confident these tools will get you to the influence of your dreams - because they did just that for me! Which is why I’m thrilled to share my own lessons with you. This challenge was created from deep down in my soul, as a way to connect with each of y’all and share the most influential nuggets from my experience in the industry. It’s a challenge every niche of influence will relate to and benefit from, I promise!

So...if you find yourself not landing the collabs you so badly desire...this challenge is for you. 

If you are struggling to find unique ways to get your blog noticed among the sea of blogs...this challenge is for you. 

If you have a hard time putting your brand into words & knowing your worth...this challenge is for you. 

If you are feeling lost and want guidance plus quality time and connection with like-minded individuals...this challenge is for you!

So what are you waiting for?! 

You ready to uplevel your pitch, grow your profits, and go from dreaming to doing...for free? I hope so! Join me and the others participating in this epic challenge by SIGNING UP RIGHT HERE. 

Don’t forget, the challenge kicks off on April 2nd, so sign up soon. Can’t wait to dive in and watch you create major impact in a short amount of time. I’ll be visiting you in your inboxes soon!