Mom to Mom: Q & A with Lydia Webb

In honor of Mother's Month, I'm excited to interview some of my favorites moms to inspire me everyday! First up this month is Lydia Webb, a mom, blogger and curator of Jetting Jewels. Lydia, a working mom, not only has one of the most adorable families I have ever seen (her son, swoon!!) but she has a effortless knack for style and stunning photos that you can't help but follow on the daily! To know more about this modern mom, read below! 

As a mom, what has been your biggest challenge?  Gosh, there are so many challenges overall and its everchanging.  I would say the challenges I had when I first had my son, Jaxson, are different than the challenges I face today. I’ve kind of changed and adapted with every stage we come across. Today, I would say my biggest challenge is trying to balance work mode and mom mode.  Since I work from home, it’s a struggle to be focused on just work or just the little guy.  I’m texting or on Instagram when its suppose to be playtime, or I’m feeding him snacks when I’m writing a blog post or editing photos.  The lines have blurred and often guilt sets in when you take away attention from either. 

What has surprised you the most about being a mom?  To this day, I still think about how unprepared I was for sleep deprivation during the newborn phase.  I always thought I could go on a few hours sleep, NBD!  But no!  I learned that nobody is ever prepared for that kind of torture. 

Not only are you a hands-on mother to a son, but you are also a successful business woman. Can you tell us a little bit about your blog and how this came about?  I started blogging when I was pregnant just as a way to document the journey and share the progress (and fun bump photos) with family and friends.  I was pleasantly surprised that people other than my family started reading and brands started contacting for collaborations.  I took a short hiatus when Jaxson was born (only posting about once a week to show people that I was still alive) since I was adjusting to my new life, new body and new everything!  But once I started to feel like myself again, about 3 months post partum, I decided I was going to make Jetting Jewels into something bigger and something I was passionate about!  And now a little over than a year later, the blog has grown and evolved so much, but it continues to be a space where I share what inspires me in fashion, travel, beauty and of course, motherhood.   

Where do you find your inspiration?  A lot of my inspiration comes from the places that I’ve traveled to.  My husband and I traveled a lot before we had a son, and sometimes I look back on photos and reminisce on those experiences.  I also find inspiration around other bloggers – a lot of fashion bloggers but mainly travel bloggers who share beautiful images from far away places, and mom bloggers who are brave enough to share the constant struggles and the “real non-instagram filtered” look inside their daily life.

What is your trick in raising a grounded, down to earth child?  I think about that all the time especially living in Orange County.  My child is only a year and a half so he’s not up for those real life lessons yet, so I’m taking notes if anyone has any tested tips and tricks. 

What does a typical day look like for you?  Everyday is different, but the general structure is the same overall.  I wake up before anyone else does (around 5:30am) to either workout or get started on blog work. Its hard getting up that early most days, but I love that time when its quiet and no one else is around! 

Jaxson wakes up at 7am so its breakfast, a walk, playtime and general mama & me time until about 9:30am when he takes his first nap. I usually get most of my work done during naptimes.  When he wakes up, we either go to Gymboree class, lunchdates or playdates, then back home for another nap by 2/230pm. I usually like to finish up with my work to-do list by the time he wakes up so I can focus on home and family stuff like cook and have dinner as a family.  Once its Jaxson’s bedtime, I’m exhausted too.  I’m in bed by 10.  Total grandma, I know!

Also, my mom comes and helps me twice a week so I can take meetings, take pictures for blog looks/projects and focus on other work. 

Describe your style?  My style is classic and feminine. I’m all about dresses and skirts and I try to invest in pieces that I can pair with just about everything in my closet and can restyle season after season.  Now that Jaxson is walking, I have to add comfort into my wardrobe too.  Keeping up with him requires a lot of energy and comfortable shoes. 

Two must have mom products you can’t live without?  A comfortable pair of cute shoes (hopefully with a little heel) and a strong case for your phone to survive toddler damage. 

What are some “kid friendly” items you can’t live without?  Goldfish snacks (every child seems to love them), and an umbrella stroller. I like the look of the fancier strollers better, but umbrella strollers are a millions times easier to take around and travel with.

 Where do you find your balance? Balance is difficult to quantify in a single moment, place or thing. Sometimes I feel like utter chaos and other times I feel like I can juggle and balance it all.  But usually I feel like I have a better sense of accomplishment and balance when I get a workout in my day. Or maybe the extra endorphins just make me forget the chaos.  

Favorite quote that rings true to you as a mom? “I think when you have a child, you start thinking creatively about how to make it all happen and work, and that kind of thinking makes you a better employee or a better entrepreneur.”  - Nely Galan. I saw this quote recently on’s instagram and I thought it was so true.  I feel like I’m more ambitious and I’ve been able to accomplish more things now that I’m a mom. 

 What words of advice would you have for a new moms?  Don’t forget to take care of yourself.  Whether its an hour away for a mani/pedi or a nap, when you’ve runned yourself ragged and close to breaking point, its OK to ask for help.  Getting even a few minutes to yourself will give you a refreshed perspective and energy for yourself and your family.