Mother's Day Roundup!

One of my favorite holidays (well I'm a sucker for all holidays), Mother’s Day, is just 10+ days a way. I love this Mother's Day because it celebrates strong, amazing women like my own mother (look momma you got a shoutout!) while also celebrating what it's all really about, family. It will be hard to top my very first Mother's Day last year, thanks for my sweet  husband, but my wishlist below would be a good start :) I've rounded up some of my current favs, as well as the good ole staples that helps us moms truck along throughout the year as the SuperWomen we are! Here's to all you mamas out there! Let's celebrate shall we? 

Now, onto the wants of the moment…

Other ideas?  FLOWERS of course, wine (my favorites for Spring are Whispering Angel Rose and Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc) and a gift card for a spa day... Spa Days are my love language, and I am not ashamed to admit it! 

What is on your Mother's Day wish list?? Any great Mother's Day gift secrets you can share? 


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