Must Have Monday - Toddlers & Toothbrushes (+GIVEAWAY!)

Hey y'all! So, after taking a week off to enjoy my life as a 30 year old, I am back with a topic that has become a must have in my house (along with an awesome giveaway). Camden now has 7 teeth, which means I can no longer hold off starting a dental hygiene routine for him. I have to admit I am a little behind on this. I started showing him how to brush his teeth about a month ago. Granted, he does not know how to hold a toothbrush, nor how to brush his teeth. In fact, all he wants to do with the toothbrush is chew it. But, my dentist said it was good to start teaching him the steps. From what I discussed with my dentist, here are his must have tips:

When should I start brushing baby’s teeth? Dentists recommend cleaning gums to remove plaque beginning when teeth first appear, usually around six-to-seven-months.

First toothbrushing: The best chances for a cooperative baby and clean teeth are to use a fingertip toothbrush.

Toothbrushing and toddlers: Once a baby gets a mouth full of teeth, especially molars, a toothbrush works better than a finger brush to get in the crevices between teeth.

Don’t expect children under three to clean their teeth well on their own: Your hand needs to be on the toothbrush guiding them. Begin brushing the front teeth and ease toward the molars. If you have a particularly cooperative child who enjoys toothbrushing, put your hand on hers and guide the brush in and out of all the crevices in the teeth.

Which toothbrush?

Choose a short brush with two rows of soft bristles on a small head. Store a spare brush. They get lost, dirty, and wear out quickly. Change brushes when the bristles get bent.

Which toothpaste? Toothpaste isn’t necessary, but if your toddler enjoys the foamy grins, use a dab of mildly flavored toothpaste. Before using a fluoride containing toothpaste, check with your dentist. If your child is already getting fluoride supplements or drinks a lot of fluoridated water, don’t use fluoridated toothpaste.

Why all the fuss about first teeth? It’s important to care for the baby teeth. These primary teeth hold the right spaces for the secondary, or permanent teeth. Healthy first teeth also contribute to proper alignment of the jawbones and eventual bite. And don’t discount the reactions of preschoolers. No one likes to show off a row of rotten teeth!!

I've teamed up with a few of my favorite brands to do a toothbrush giveaway. These are all the items I have been using on Camden and highly recommend them. The Nuby I keep in my travel case and take it whenever we travel, and the Piyo/Babyganics I leave at home. It's nice for me to have a set of each so I don't forget them (which is common with my mommy brain). The reason why I picked the Nuby as my travel option is because the toothpaste is a good travel size!

PiyoPiyo, Babyganics and Nuby are offering a giveaway products of each of the items above for THREE lucky readers! THREE lucky readers will get 1 PiyoPiyo finger brush, 1 PiyoPiyo tongue brush, 1 tube of Babyganics toothpaste and 1 pack of Nuby Gum cleanser with fingerbrush. See below for giveaway details. Winner will be announced next week!

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