Gift Guide- What To Gift A One Year Old

It’s happened: My baby, Camden Quinn Schaech, has hit the mega milestone of turning 1-years-old. We celebrated his birthday this past weekend and it was a blast (some fun pics below!) After a fun filled weekend of family, friends, cake and presents, I wanted to present to you fun gifts ideas for this big age. Other than giving the mom and dad a big, fat glass of wine (which was indulged by hubby and myself more than once last week), I'm always stumped as to what to get a child of this age for their birthday. They aren't young enough to love a blankie, but yet not old enough to enjoy any sort of "active" gift. After having my own child's 1st birthday in the can (and after the many awesome and creative gifts he was given by family and friends), I now have a better idea of what to give the baby of the hour. If he’s not already, the little tot is going to start walking, talking, playing, and getting into trouble at a rapid pace in his second year of life. So, with that in mind, I've compiled my first Gift Guide series. From push and pull toys and age-appropriate books, I’ve got a bevy of choices for the person doing the gifting. Have at it!


Step2 Push Around Taxi, $43.99 : Give your stroller a rest and strap your little one into this push-around buggy to take him on a sidewalk joy ride. Or, need to get some shopping done? Load this in the car, offload it at your destination, and trick that tot into thinking the whole experience is a treat!

Step2 Arctic Splash Water Table, $36.99 : The so-called "fill and spill" toys—like this water table—are great for this age group. And, it doubles as a fun outdoor activity that'll allow toddlers to cool off.

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book, $5.11 : Books appropriate for this age group include not-so-wordy versions with thick, hard-to-destruct pages, and interactive elements. We love a lift-the-flap or touch-and-feel tome.

Little Tikes TBall Set, $14.99 : For the sports enthusiasts in mind! Beginner t ball set is equipped with everything you to need to make your little man ready for the big leagues.

Melissa & Doug Aquatic Magnetic Fishing Puzzle, $13.49 : A creative way to encourage eye-hand and fine motor development. The ultimate catch and release fishing program, this magnetic wooden puzzle game features aquatic animal artwork. Use the magnetic fishing pole to catch the ten, colorful sea friends from the game board. Enjoy the challenge of returning them to the depths! P.S. It says 3+ ages but my 1 year old already has this down pat, so don't let then age list throw you off.

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bugs, $58.93 : Baby turns 1, baby gets a new set of wheels! You can pick your poison, but we think these little scooters in bright colors are pretty darn cute.

Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle, $19.99 : Introduce your tike to letters, numbers, and puzzles all at once! Just make sure the pieces are big enough and don't double as choking hazards.

Melissa & Doug Beginner Band Set, $24.99 : Let your baby make some music, er noise, with this everything-you-need instrument set by our faves, Melissa & Doug.